Wednesday, February 3, 2016


By ⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear Secretary General,

I wonder Mr. Secretary General, were you by any chance on the planet earth during the year 2000 or were you walking the moon fantastic? 

If you were here among us earthlings do you by chance remember what are now called the Clinton Parameters? 

These parameters were once not parameters at all but a solid peace offering to the Palestinian people by then United States President William Jefferson Clinton (the most powerful man on the planet Earth and the leader of the FREE WORLD) and Labor Prime Minster of Israel Ehud Barak. 

In this peace deal, that was worked out at Camp David and Tabah, Egypt, the Palestinian people were offered statehood. 

In this deal the Palestinians were offered 97% of Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem as their capital city and wait for it……the Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Included in this deal of course was ALL of the Gaza Strip with an agreed upon link to be built connecting the strip with the future Palestinian State. 

To make this deal the Palestinians, lead by Yassar Arafat (a relative of Nazi Palestinian Leader Haj Amin al-Husseini), had to do one thing, MAKE GENUINE PEACE with Israel. That means the Palestinians had to recognize international law, which clearly states that the Jewish people have a right to a self-determination in their own state. The one that already exists today, Israel. 

This entailed ending all disputes, excepting that there would be NO right of return (an uncrossable redline for Israel and an unbinding, meaning NOT LEGAL recommendation from the UN General Assembly) to Israel, the refugees would either be compensated nicely where they were or could come to the Palestinian State, and of course this meant an end to the conflict. 

Mr. Secretary General, what happened when this deal was offered up to the Palestinians? 

Why are there still settlements? 

Why is there no Palestinian State? 

Why is there still war if a STATELESS people was offered up a state? 

Wait, is it the Jews fault again? 

You know the answer to these three questions Mr. Secretary General, because there is only one answer. 

Yasser Arafat spit in the face of Bill Clinton, the American people, the world and as always in the face of Israel as the Peace offer was burned up by Arafat fascist flames

This is not a maybe, nor is this a debatable point in history. History speaks. The negotiators speak, from Clinton, Dennis Ross to Hosni Mubarak. The Palestinians leadership speaks too and like all the others it too has admitted to Arafats nefarious plans.

Mr. Secretary General, do you think the Kurds would insist on Turkey committing suicide if the Turkish Government decided to recognize 97% of Kurdistan, or do you think they would accept Peace? 

As stated before it is now a known fact, now admitted by the Palestinian leadership itself and high ranking members of Hamas, that like the Japanese pre-Pearl Harbor, while Clinton and Barak were slaving away attempting to make Peace with the Palestinians, Arafat was buying time before waiting to launch his war against Israel and her citizens. 

There is no denying this, no bamboozling it, Yassar Arafat rejected peace and started war, period. 

The Palestinians SAID NO to a Palestinian state and it was the Palestinians, like in 1948, that thought they could finally destroy Israel or force her into suicide. 

They were wrong Mr. Secretary General, just as they were wrong in 1948.

Most of all Mr. Secretary General, you are wrong to think you have a right to castigate Israel or to defend your heinous words that in fact give UN acceptance to terrorism against Israel. 

Your words and actions are anti-Semitic, just as the actions of the UN and her many bodies are anti-Semitic.

Mr. Secretary Genral, you are very, very wrong to talk to Israel of Palestinian suffering and to behave as if we ignore it. 

We, Israelis do not ignore the suffering of the Palestinians and how dare you attempt to put that responsibility on us or our government. In fact Mr. Secretary General, look to Syria and imagine what Israel could really do if it wanted to make the Palestinians suffer! 

We have to see there suffering everyday. 

We have to hear about their counterfeit suffering everyday from you, from the United States of America under Obama and from the European Union. 

Worst of all, we know of their fabricated suffering and we see it and hear it because our young men and women are forced to defend our nation against these people, who still to this day wish to maim us, stab us, runs us over, shoot us, blow us up and generally want to kill us for just BEING WHO WE ARE, The Jewish Nation!

Yes Mr. Secretary General, almost everyday of our lives, we Israelis, here in Israel, OUR HOMELAND, are reminded of the Holocaust by the same people (Palestinian Leader Haj Amin al-Husseini will not be forgotten again!) who helped perpetrate that evil genocide against us, as they daily try to kill us, just as the Nazis too, daily tried to kill us! 

Mr. Secretary General, save your stories of suffering for a different people who have suffered less. 

Mr. Secretary General, save your stories of occupation for a people who have had their land occupied less. The land of Israel has been invaded, ethnically cleansed and desecrated time and time again and yet we are still here! 

Mr. Secretary General if you care about peace it is time for YOU to have the courage to do what non have done until today.

Lift up your head at the General Assembly and remind the world who rejected the United Nations plan for partition, a plan that CLEARLY called for Two States for Two People, One Jewish and One Arab. 

Tell the nations of the world, who it was that rejected the Clinton/Barak peace accords.

Finally tell the world who rejected Peace and statehood once again in 2008 when Israeli Prime Minster Ehud Olmert AGAIN offered up peace. 

In fact Mr. Secretary Genral you know that Olmert offered more of a piece, at 99% of Judea and Samaria, all of The Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem with the Christian and Muslim Quarters. And Mr. Secretary General you know that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected this plan.

It is time for the undeniable responsibility for this conflict to be placed firmly where it is deserved, on the shoulders of the one party that has rejected peace time and again, the Palestinians. 

There is only one party that has continued to insure the settlements, the Palestinians, by rejecting peace.

But you too Mr. Secretary General, bear responsibility for Palestinian suffering and for all the suffering they will soon endure more of, since Hamas has stated that they are gearing up for another war with Israel

You Secretary General, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations are all responsible for the continuation of this conflict. 

You have all committed a crime against Israel, her citizens and against the Jewish Nation worldwide similar to that of Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier at Munich by turning a blind eye to the hatred and undeniable attempts of the Palestinians to delegitimize and destroy the ancient Sovereign homeland of the Jewish People, Israel. 

It is because of this and and because of your actions that the majority of Israelis like myself, who happen to be Liberal people will vote for governments that put the Security of our nation before anything else. Mr. Secretary General, WE WILL NOT LET OUR TEMPLE FALL AGAIN! 

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  1. Peace with islam, sadly thats a pipe dream. Its about HATE for anything or anyone that will not bow to a demonic system that beguiles & enslaves anyone that DOES NOT believe in a Divine Creator, the God of LOVE, & Peace who gave us ALL a Saviour as described in the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.