Friday, February 19, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

To my Jewish/Israelite/Hebrew Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers.

I write to you asking of you....please come home.....come home to Israel. 

Come home, not because you fear for your lives in your exiled lands. Although I know many of you do live in extreme danger.

Come to Israel because it is your core, your heart and no other people can say that.

No matter how much the Jew haters try to recreate history Israel is your land!

No amount of hoodwinking or bamboozling can hide the truth of centuries.


It is your children's home and G-d willing, it will be your children's children's home.

Leave your exile behind you forever. 

Draw up your hand from the rivers of Babylon because Zion is calling out to you.

Together....we will build the Jewish homeland....we will continue the dream of Jewish Freedom and self determination and we will do it in our indigenous land, Israel.....not in exile!

Together we will defy all those that stand in our path to freedom...we will not forsake our future. 

As much a many try to say otherwise our future is bright in Israel....we will continue to build the dreams of our people. 

These dreams have become realities, like the Israeli water tech that is saving Africa and California at this very moment. 

With you here we will continue to build on the dreams of our fellow Israelis.  

We will take care of each other. 

We will do it together with the great medical system that we have built. A system that gives all Israelis medical coverage and that is the envy of much of the world and especially the great United States of America. 

We will continue the dreams of the Tanach, Hanukkah, Purim, the prophets of our people (the same prophets Islam has stolen from us), the great Sages, Herzl, Ben-Gurion and Begin.

Together we will continue to build our home in Israel. We will do it in the face of evil just as Jews have been doing for centuries.

Life will be a battle, this is the truth of it. But there is no battle that is as just and worthy as ours.

For we will be battling together for the future, for the heart and for the soul of the whole of the Jewish Nation!

Lift up your heads, disavow the evil words of the haters, they will always try to shame us. 

No....lift up your heads and tell them you will not be shamed, that you love your home, you love your Israel, faults and all. 

Finalize that love, seal the bond made to Abraham, to Itzhak and promised to all the children of Israel.

A bride and groom, exchanging rings. You take Israel, for good and for bad. Israel takes you, for good and for bad. 

This marriage binds a people to a land and a land to a people and this has been the truth of it for five millennia. 

The marriage between the Jewish people and the land of Israel cannot be broken.

Come back....come home.


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