Monday, October 10, 2016

A Serious Escalation

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Yesterday an American Aegis Arleigh-Burke class destroyer was fired upon by two missiles off of the coast of Yemen.

I understand the second Presidential debate was last night but this should have been headline news.

Many people may or may not understand why this is so important and what exactly it means, so I will try my hardest to sum this up as quickly as possible with as much information about why this important for Americans and Israel.

Firing missiles at an American Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer takes audacity. These warships have powerful anti-aircraft, including missile defense capabilities, and they also pack a powerful punch, including the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

But they are not like the battleships of old.

The Iowa Class Battleships did not have the defense systems of the Arleigh-Burke, but they could withstand many blows because of their heavy steel armor. This armor included an extremely thick steel belt that went around the whole of the ship and thick steel plates on the deck.

Because of its defense systems, and semi-stealth capabilities the Arliegh-Burke has less protection.

Had these missiles hit the destroyer it is very possible that with two hits the boat could have sunk.

And even if the boat did not sink there would have been a clear loss of life. The sad and very clear fact is that American deterrence has been lowered so much that people are ready to take pot shots at Americas gold standard of Naval defense.

If the boat did sink that means the loss of 329 American soldiers.

It would also mean a 1.8 billion dollar American Naval Ship was sunk.

Luckily the ship was not hit, no young men or women serving America were hurt and this is what is most important.

So if no one was hurt and the ship was not hit, why is this so important?

Again, as stated before, it is because someone actually had the audacity to fire on the ship in the first place. Secondly, it is very important because of who it was that fired the missiles.

We can ascertain this from where the missiles were fired.

And where were the missiles fired from?

The missiles were fire at the ship from the Houthi controlled parts of Yemen.

And who are the Houthi's?

Why they are the Shia allies of Iran of course.

And the Houthi's would never fire two missiles at an American Aegis Class Destroyer without the direct permission of their Iranian handlers.

So that means that Iran tried to sink an American Naval Ship yesterday. As I said that is headline news, and I wonder why it was buried behind much less important information.

It is a direct response by Iran to American comments on possible action in Syria and it is a serious provocation and a deliberate escalation.

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