Friday, October 14, 2016

Can You Say Holy War?

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It is done, game over.

Yesterday the Palestinian Authority, its leadership and the United Nations crossed all red lines.

There actions are tantamount to a declaration of war against the Sovereign State of Israel and the whole of the Jewish people!

The citizens of Israel from left to right and the Jewish Nation across the board must stand as one and face down what is the darkest, most anti-Semitic moment for the Jewish Nation in the 21st. century.

Yesterday the United Nations and the Palestinian Leadership, through UNESCO have started a Holy War against the Jewish Nation and the Christian World.

They have attempted to completely wipe clean world history. Something that fits the colonialists Arab/Muslim narrative.

The actions of the Arabs spearheaded by the Palestinians are no different then the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Yesterday, UNESCO declared the Temple Mount a Muslim holy site.

They were talking about the same Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem was built by the Jewish King Solomon long before Mohamed was born or Islam existed.

Let me repeat that and let that sink in and may it be repeated a million times over.

The Jewish Temple of Solomon, who was a Jewish King, the second temple, built by Herod the Great, also a Jewish king stood on the Temple Mount hundreds of years before Mohamed was born and Islam existed. Period, fact!

UNESCO also decided that the Wailing Wall was a Muslim holy site.

The Western Wall which is a retaining wall built again, by the Jewish King Herod the Great, clearly to hold the massive Temple on the Temple Mount.

The little Mosque that the colonialist Arab Muslims intentionally built  on the Temple Mount was one of the worlds first acts of National desecration.

This is not just an insult to Jews. The United Nations and the Arab world that controls the UN would like it to be that way but it is not.

This is also a direct insult to the whole of the Christian world. The Jewish  Temple that the Arab/Muslim world is trying to erase from history played an incredibly important role in the New Testament.

But this is not about the Christian world, this is about downright anti-Semitism.

The Palestinian leadership admitted to this evil anti-Semitism when they said "the denial of Jewish history is a victory for the Palestinian people.".

Again, they themselves admit that the Jewish people have a history here, one is that is greater and more valid than theirs, and that this stunt was all about Jew Hatred and re-writing history.

It is also further proof that it is Jew Hatred that permeates everything that has to do with Palestinian culture.

As my ten year old son said, the actions of the UN are embarrassing.

This kind of anti-Semitism, and yes it is anti-Semitic, has not been seen since the Nuremberg Laws of Germany.

This should act as a stark reminder to all Jewish citizens of Israel that the world has not changed, not one bit and we can trust no one but ourselves.

Just as important this should also be a message to the opposition inside the Knesset. It is time for Itzhak Herzog and Yair Lapid to join the coalition of Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel must fight the anti-Semitism IOC the United Nations together as one unit.

What should Israel do to counter this virulent Palestinian Nazism?

It is time for the Sovereign State of Israel to make the United Nations aware that it will pay for instigating a Holy War. If the government of Israel fails to do this then the citizens of Israel must take it upon themselves to make UN personal unwelcome in Israel.

The Israeli government must change policies vis-a-vis the United Nations immediately.

This insult to Israel and the Jewish Nation cannot go unanswered.

First Israel should remove itself from UNESCO.

Second, Israel should do all it can to work with the government of the United States of America to divest immediately from The United Nations.

Third, Russia must pay for aiding the Palestinians in this criminal act of anti-Semitism and that can be done immediately on the Golan Heights, while also assisting America.

Third, the Israeli government should investigate bringing charges against the United Nations inside of American and Israeli courts for promoting anti-Semitic laws the deny the factual, scientifically proven, millennial old rights of the Jewish Nation to the Temple Mount and the Waling Wall.

Along with these actions out side of Israel, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu must take immediate action on the ground.

It must immediately suspend Muslim Arab access to the Temple Mount.

It must cut all connections with the Jordanian Muslim Waqf to the Temple Mount.

Fourth, just as Gamal Abdel Nassar showed the United Nations to the door in 1967, it is time for Israel to show the United Nations personal to the door.

Israel must stop working with UNWRA.

Across the board Israel must stop cooperating with the United Nations organizations until this matter is rectified in a manner that is acceptable to the Sovereign Nation State of the Jewish People.

For those organizations inside of Israel that have aided this cultural appropriation, they must pay the price that a traitor would pay. It should be suggested to B'Tzelem that they stay out of Israel.

Let me make this clear, say it loud, and I hope more of my fellow fighters for the rights of Israel and the Jewish Nation do the same.


The only way one can make this claim is if they believe in complete cultural desecration and colonialist thievery, the complete appropriation of world history basically, the history of the Jewish Nation and the Christian world.

The Quran itself admits to the fact that the Jewish Temple was built on the Temple Mount by the Jewish King Solomon and was an achievement of great proportions.

Lastly how dare American President Barack Obama and American Secretary of State John Kerry place blame on Israel for building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria or threaten Israel with a possible United Nations Security Council Resolution, when the Palestinians as the head of the spear create obstacles to peace on this level.

The Temple Mount is the holiest site to the Jewish Nation, it is a site that was stollen from the Jewish People when the Romans (Europeans) burned the Jewish Temple to the ground hundreds of years before Islam ever existed.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, just look at he Arch of Titus.

This dark day is further proof that the completely made up people who call themselves Palestinians are not interested in peace at all. In fact they are interested in more fighting.

I believe it is time for Israel to oblige them.

It is time for Israel to systematically destroy the colonialist, Nazi Arab entity occupying Judea and Samaria.

Israel can no longer tolerate this type of anti-Semitism in its purest form, it is a Casus Belli and must be addressed as one.

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  1. There are many non Jews who agree and support Israel too. What an unprovoked slap in the face the UN has delivered to Israel. How DARE they?