Thursday, October 6, 2016


⚜The Duke of The North⚜

This blog is not some B-Rated movie, I wish it was. No, this is something far worse, this blog is an article about the tip of the Iceberg of International Jew hatred, international anti-Semitism!

I ask the world to please take notice of the Jew hating Nazis of the Gaza Boat.

Let's start with the fact that these women are intentionally endangering the lives of young Israeli Soldiers.

For many of you it might not register, these Israeli soldiers that you see sometimes on CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeara, well they are our children, they are our boys and girls, our brothers and sisters.

It is totally unacceptable that our children are forced to deal with these Jew haters, who are working for Hamas and their handlers the fascist Wahhabis, Qatar.

I call these women Nazis for this very simple reason.

Yes, they are trying to get your attention and they are doing this to convince you to support the destruction of Israel and the genocidal destruction of world wide Jewry as called for in the Hamas charter.

Is it not interesting that these women of the boat find Israel's existence more of a problem, even while the Fascist War-Lord Elect Bashar al-Assad, Shia Hezbollah, Shia Iran and Russia daily mass murder the 75% Sunni majority population of Syria.

Instead of trying to bring world attention to the genocide taking place this very moment in Syria these women want to direct attention to Gaza.

I call these women Nazis because they took it upon themselves to challenge the right of Israel to exist.

These Jew Haters have committed this illegal action on the same day that Hamas took it upon itself to break the Internationally backed UN cease-fire by shooting a rocket into Sederot, Israel.

These women could care less of the people of Sederot or the Rockets that fall on them.

Here is another fact to take into consideration.

The Women of the Boat intentionally disregard the fact that Israel has made it very clear that it would end the blockade of Gaza the second Hamas accepted all signed peace agreements between Israel and the PLO and accept Israel's right to exist.

All Israel asked of Hamas was to recognize international law.

Hamas until this day refuses to recognize international law and refuses to accept Israel's right to exist. This does not bother the Women of The Boat one bit.

Al these women need do is demand that Hamas respect international law accept Israel's right to exist and the blockade is lifted.

Why don't they?

Because as stated before these women are Jew Hating Nazis. They are not interested one bit in peace, Gaza or international law, which calls for Two States for Two people, one Jewish and one Arab.

They call Israel an occupying power in Gaza. They seem to forget that Israel completely withdrew all military personal and uprooted Israeli communities that were living in Gaza for four decades.

Israel gave the Egyptians who have occupied the Gaza Strip in the last one hundred and fifty years all of Gaza as an Olive branch. In response Israel didn't get peace, no, it was blessed with thousands of rockets.

The Nazi Arabs of Gaza were given the right to vote democratically for their future which could have been the foundation of peace. Instead they decided to vote out the "moderate" Fatah party lead by Mahmoud Abbas and elected the Fascist (no difference between Hamas and Al-Qaeda or ISIS) Jihadist Group Hamas, which very clearly has the stated goal of the destruction of Israel and world Jewry, into power.

These Jew hating women are breaking international law by aiding and abetting a terrorist group that calls for the destruction of Israel and the genocidal mass murder of all Jews world wide.

Seriously, how do you even rationalize this, the stated goal of Hamas, clearly states in the Hamas charter the genocidal mass murder of ALL Jews.

I call on all of my American friends and family to demand that American Authorities immediately arrest the Nazi Terrorist leader of this boat, Ann Wright, for aiding and abetting Hamas, a Jihadist group that is on Americas Terror list.

It should be totally unacceptable for a former diplomat like Ms. Wright or for that matter any American citizen to get away with working for and with a known terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of Israelis and American Jews, which has a charter that calls for the destruction of a Sovereign state in the United Nations and the mass murder of world Jewry.

Ann Wright is the best example of the impunity that Jew hating Nazis feel today.

It is people like Ms. Wright that are causing the world wide anti-Semitism the Jewish Nation is facing today, not Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

If America, the UN and the EU truly want to stop the extreme Jew hatred that is gushing forth today like a flood tide then an example must be made of Ms Ann Wright.

Ann Wright must know that there is a price to pay for working with a group that is trying to fulfill Adolf Hitlers Final Solution. Only actions like this will put an end to what has become the Tsunami of world wide anti-Semitism.

As a citizen of America and as a citizen of Israel I call on Secretary of State John Kerry to stop making insulting comments from the State Department against Israel for building houses for Jews in Judea and Samaria and instead to have Ms. Ann Wright put behind bars where she belongs.

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