Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thugs, Liars and Thieves

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

The world has reacted to the Political Terrorism of the Palestinian Authority and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 

Mexico, Italy and many inside of the European Union have said they will not vote for the UNESCO resolution attempting to re-write history and deny the Jewish Nations unequivocal connection and ownership of both the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. 

An ownership given to the Jewish people hundreds, upon hundreds of years before Mohammed was born and Islam came into being.

The Temple Mount is not a Muslim Holy site, saying so is encouraging and accepting the Colonial aspirations of the Arab Muslim world.

When the Arab Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount they did so intentionally as an act of desecration in a precursor to the colonist UNESCO vote happening now, to re-write and erase Jewish history. 

The world has seen the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian government for the frauds and thugs that they are. 

But today the thugs and thieves inside the Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian government have done what they do best, behave like a mafia.

The PA and Jordan have threatened the EU countries and Mexico. 

They  have made it clear that if these countries follow through with what they promised to Israel, righting the wrong committed against the Jewish people, by not voting for the criminal UNESCO resolution, there will be consequences.

What consequences exactly? 

Furthermore how dare these governments, dependent on financial aid from the very countries they are threatening behave in this manner.

In fact this behavior is unprecedented except for a period of time when the Nazi party dominated Germany and Europe. 

Without a doubt this is political terrorism and thuggery, something that the Palestinians have mastered. 

Sadly, Israel must prepare herself for the European countries to buckle, they always do. 

The question is what should Israel do to right this wrong? 

First and foremost it must work with the United States to get a condemnation and not from the Presidents Press Secretary, but from the President himself.

Second, Israel must work to get another round of condemnations from both candidates running for the seat of the American President. 

Third, Israel must convince both candidates that giving financial aid to terrorists (it makes no difference if it is political terrorism, terror is terror) is a bad idea and it is time for the United States, the European Union and Israel to look for a new partner.

Fourth, Israel must work with nations that see eye to eye with Israel’s rights to drop payments to UNESCO.

The time has come for Israel to reconsider the assistance it gives to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. From water purification assistance, to natural gas and especially the security assistance given to Jordan, which King Abdullah could not live without.

Israel will no longer protect the King of Jordan if  the King seeks to erase the history of the Jewish People. 

It must be made very clear to America, England and the EU it is much easier to erase the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the annuls of history, then it is the Jewish Nation. Just ask the Romans.

Israel should also make clear that it is open to work with any opposition party inside of Jordan that is willing to seek better relations with the Jewish State.

When it comes to the Palestinian Authority and the actions carried out by this colonizing entity inside the United Nations, Israel is no longer willing to play ball. 

It is time for Israel to make it clear that the Palestinian Authority will no longer get away with murder in the international arena. 

Israel must attack, attack, attack. 

It must be made clear to the world that the UNESCO vote and its attempts at easing thousands of years of Jewish history and delegitimizing Israel is a Casus Belli. 

If the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations go ahead with this political terrorism and attempt to re-write history, then Israel must make it clear that it will exact immediate, physical repercussions. 

First, the IAF should fly sorties over Gaza and the Arab occupied towns inside of Judea and Samaria dropping leaflets letting the people know that their government and their own actions have brought upon them what will be.

First, what will be is an immediate cut of electricity to all Arab Occupied Towns and to Jordan also, if we do not exists then surely neither does our electricity. 

Second, water should be cut from the Arab Occupied Towns, since Israel and her citizens paid for the water infrastructure and being that we do not exist surely neither does our water.

It is very simple. For far too long Israel has not done what is right for her own citizens. As David Ben Gurion said, UN-Shmum.

It must be made clear to the world, if Israel is going to be judged in an anti-Semitic and racist manner then nothing has been learned since the Holocaust and Israeli must go it along. 

If Israel is gong to be condemned no matter what and for no reason what so ever, then it makes no difference and Israel will start to seriously reconsider how it behaves vis-a-vis international law towards the Arabs who have occupied our land. 

And believe me, Bashar al-Assad has got nothing on Israel! 


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