Sunday, October 9, 2016

On The Brink

⚜️The Duke of The North⚜️

Dear Friends,

I'm writing this to warn both my Israeli brothers and sisters and my American brothers and sisters that America and Israel can no longer sit on the sidelines concerning Syria.

As I write this I am trying my hardest to put my own political beliefs to the side.

Because of a missed opportunity to destroy the worst and darkest type of fascism the 21st. has seen, our world is now on the brink of a global disaster.

Instead of destroying the Fascist dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad by working with the rebel fighters when the majority of them were secular, America missed the greatest opportunity to put Iran in check-mate.

It is important to remember that many of the rebels in Syria were secular when the fighting started and are still Secular Sunnis today.

They are fighting the Shia oppression of Iran and Hezbollah.

Because of the Wests inability to act they have been forced to work with the more fanatical Muslim fighters. This has happened simply because it is the fanatical Muslim fighters that are bringing in the arms and that have the fighting knowledge and the backbone to bring to the battlefield.

So let's not kid ourselves as many would like to do.

It takes two to tango and it was the Republican led American Congress and the American Administration that have empowered Vladimir Putin of Russia and Iran to the point where they believe they can commit genocide and crimes against humanity (shooting down a jet liner and bombing hospitals/civilian centers intentionally are war crimes) with impunity.

Many seem to forget that the Republican lead congress voted down President Barack Obama's request to use force against Assad after he repeatedly used chemical weapons against his own civilians.

I find it funny that so many Millennials and far leftists love to disparage America for using Atomic weapons against Japan, yet they have no problem with a Syrian War Lord gassing his people to death at this very moment.

So let's get real, it was both the President and the Republican lead Congress that took away the American Backbone when it was needed most.

When they failed to act, when AMERICA'S red line had been crossed after the Assad militia used chemical weapons on numerous occasions they both made America the most technologically advanced paper tiger, tin soldier I'm saying people, in the world.

This is no Cuban missile crises now.

No, this is worse. The Russian missiles are already in place in Kaliningrad and who knows about what the Russians have truly brought into Tartarus, Syria.

The Ukraine, a free, sovereign nation had already been invaded having a large chunk of its property, the Crimean Peninsula STOLEN by Russia before the Russians invaded Syria. But really this all started when the Free World allowed Putin to invade and occupy parts of the free and sovereign nation of Georgia.

The American government attempts to use the fact that the former Syrian government invited Russia to intervene, as their excuse to why they are still watching the daily barrel bombs, chemical weapons use, ethnic cleansing and general genocide being carried out by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and what is left of Assad's militia.

It's nonsense, the Assad regime has no more say than the Syrian National Council.

The fact that the United Nations allows the Fascist, Minority Alawite, War-lord dictator Bashar al-Assad to maintain an ambassador at the UN is a glaring example of how utterly corrupt, evil and useless the UN has become. America should immediately revoke its UN payments if a Security Council Resolution condemning the atrocities committed by Russia and its Fascist Axis inside of Syria is not passed.

Let's say the Syrian National Council (the Rebel Government in Exile) invites America, France and England to help them (the majority Sunni Population of the country) destroy the insurrection by the Alawite minority. That is right people a ten percent Alawite minority has been ruling over an eighty percent Sunni majority. The last time I saw numbers like that was in Apartheid South Africa, maybe BDS should investigate, they should send Roger Waters to the front line, maybe he will not come back too.

Will America and the Free West act then? You cannot claim to be the Free West or to fight for the ideals of Freedom if you let the atrocities happening in Syria continue.

The genocide committed by the Fascist Shia/Russian Axis is the main cause of the Refugee crisis around the world. Especially if Europeans wish to save what is left of their continent, then they must act immediately to stop the Syrian quagmire and demand American action in Syria.

Furthermore, it is the atrocities committed by the Shia population of Iraq, the minority Alawite population of Syria (the Alawis make up only 10% to 15% of the Syrian population) and the complete interference inside the Syrian civil war by Shia Iran and Shia Hezbollah that has created ISIS.

Yes people it is time to WAKE UP and smell the coffee.

The atrocities committed in the name of Shia Islam against the Sunni populations in Syria and Iraq forced these people to turn to the worst, thanks to the inaction of America and the West they simply had no choice. The Free world refused to protect them against an Iran that is seeking to re-create the Persian Empire, this time just the Shia Islamic Persian Empire.

No Iranian sponsored militias in Iraq carrying out ethnic cleansing, no Hezbollah and Iranian Republican Guards fighting at the side of Alawite mass murderer Bashar al-Assad who is murdering Sunni civilians along with Sunni Freedom fighters. None of this and there would never have been an ISIS.

I know it sucks, the academics, the far-leftists, the alt-right they are all wrong this is not some Jewish conspiracy, nor is it the fault of Israel. Nope, it is Russia and Shia Iran that are to blame for ISIS.

Lastly, the Obama administrations actions and attitude towards Israel is scandalous, if not illegal because of its anti-Semitic undertones.

The fact that the Obama administration is trying to use Israel and the building of Jewish Homes in Judea and Samaria as a shroud to block the American publics view of the disastrous foreign policy failures of the Obama doctrine is down right despicable.

In the next decade America is going to need Israel more than ever.

As the only democratic outpost in the Middle-East and as the only country in the world (except for maybe Sri-Lanka) that has a proven track record of defeating Asymmetrical, non-army, military adversaries. AMERICA NEEDS ISRAEL MORE THAN EVER!

And I believe that no matter how bad the American government has abused the relationship under the Obama Administration, Israel must stick by Americas side. We are brothers, we are sisters on a national level.

So that leads me to what America and Israel need to do to rebuild their relationship.

It is time for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop his flirting with Putin and it is time for the Obama Administration to put the blame concerning peace negotiations where it firmly belongs, the Palestinian Authority.

Let us not forget that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to speak in front of the Knesset and to start Final Status Peace negotiations with no pre-conditions immediately. President Abbas has refused up until now, this is the first and largest obstacle to peace!

Israel needs to throw in with the Obama administration here and now and do so very publicly.

When it comes to dealing with Russia, America needs to know it has the support of Israel, but in committing, Israel must also have Americas full backing, that means the full backing of the 6th. Fleet.

It is time for these once steadfast allies to put petty grievances to the side and to work together to push back against the clearly Fascist Axis of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Syrias Bashar al-Assad.

When we say Never Again, that also includes Sunni Muslims fighting for their freedoms inside of Syria. Never Again, meant the Free, Democratic World would not let the genocide, crimes against humanity and mini Holocaust that is taking place against the Sunni Muslims of Syria who simply want their freedom and self-determination.

The time has come to act, period!

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