Tuesday, October 19, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Over the past six decades the State of Israel has grown from from a small, developing nation into one that commands world-wide attention every day.

It has been lauded, condemned, militarily attacked and then attacked over and over again.

Those who have constantly assaulted a democratic country about the size of New Jersey are Arabs, otherwise disguised as Muslims, militant Islamics -- you name it.

What matters is that these Jewish people whose blood the Artabs have shed are very real. They defend themselves; they counterattack; they even talk peace and have done so ever since Israel's creation sixty-two years ago.

Yet, you would never know it by the manner in which the Arab enemy regards the Jewish state.

For one thing, the Arabs regard Israel as if it is a mirage. They know that it's there because since 1948 they have unceasingly attacked it. But even though Israel does exist, the Islamic Entity -- Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Whatever -- either is blind or regards Benjamin Netanyahu's country as invisible.

How else can one explain these groups -- these nations -- not even including Israel on their world maps?

What explanation can one have for the Arab insistence on never even calling Israel by name?

Even an alleged "moderate" -- well that's a joke right there! -- such as Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, to this day treats the Middle East's only democratic nation as if it's invisible. And this, despite the fact that he's been dealing with Israeli's for decades.

And this, despite the fact that he supposedly is engaged in "peace" talks with the Israelis.

More than sixty years have elapsed since the United Nations recognized Israel as the Jewish homeland but the "moderate" Abbas and his "less-moderate" henchmen still don't get it. They just don't get it!

In a classic commentary on his thinking, Abbas recently snapped that "Israel can name itself whatever it wants."

Apart from the fact that it was a vacuous statement, Mahmoud's assertion also happens to be a revelation into the man, his thinking and the thought process throughout the Arab Middle East.

And what does it reveal?

Simply this (and with apologies to Humpty Dumpty): All peace parleys and all Obama's pleas for more talks won't put the Arabs and Israel back on the same peace track again.

There's no repairing this cracked egg of attempted Arab-Israeli reconciliation because it has been ruptured beyond repair.

Even if the miracle were to occur and Abbas were to put his name on an accord in which Israel is once and for recognized, it wouldn't be worth a sheet of toilet paper.

The worthlessness of any such armistice, pact -- or whatever the diplomats would want to call it -- is rooted in Abbas' own words ("Israel can name itself whatever it wants") which effectively indicates that the Arabs will not honor the printed word.

That's why the so-called "peace" with Egypt is hardly a peace at all. Week after the week, month after month, Israel's co-called "peace partner" on the Western border villfies the Jews in print over the airwaves and even on the diplomatic front. Given favorable -- for the Egyptians -- circumstances, Egypt would stab Israel in the back faster than you can say Sadat.

In a recent hopeful, op-ed piece in the New York Times, Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael B. Oren made a rather Pollyanna-ish comment: "Though recognition of Israel as the Jewish state would not shield us from further assaults or pressure, it would prove that the Palestinians are serious about peace."

Check your history; note how the Jews have endlessly been under attack throughout the Middle East from virtually the beginning of time and you will understand that when it comes to Israel, the Arabs are never TRULY serious about peace. Never have been; never will be. By their works shall ye know them!

For them, Israelis and the Jewish state are to be hated while at the same time regarded as invisible.

Now that's some trick that only a militantly blind group could pull off!

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