Friday, October 15, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The phony flotilla charade continues now at The Hague where families of victims are seeking restitution -- whatever that means -- from Israel.

Why phony? Why charade?

For starters, let's call a spade a spade. The flotilla promoters knew from the get-go that Israel would not permit an unauthorized ship to illegally enter its waters.

Thus, the flotilla gang was fully aware that any ship that would do so faced confrontation and any retaliation that accompanies illegal entry.

Proof of the above is the irrefutable -- it's all on video -- evidence that flotilla members not only were armed but attacked Israeli sailors who peacefully boarded the ship.

As a result the flotilla warriors were braced for battle and when one is in a situation such as that -- assault and counterattack -- deaths are inevitable. And they happened because the flotilla promoters needed an "episode" to flaunt to the world for support against Israel -- and got it; phony as it may have been.

Part of the package was death to those who attacked the Israelis.

Should the World Court in Hague decide to consider the pro-flotilla contingent, then I suggest that the court also turn its attention to Gaza.

Despite the armistice that followed Operation Cast Lead, there really has been no armistice on the Arab side at all. Quite the contrary.

Cast Lead was ordered to neutralize the endless rocketry and mortar fire that had been launched by Hamas and its cohorts against Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and assorted parts of the Negev.

Had outside intervention not blunted the Israeli offensive against Hamas, it's quite possible that, 1. The Hamas regime would have been overturned; 2. Anti-Israel rocketry would have once and for all ceased.

This has not happened.

Day after day -- with Hamas' obvious endorsement -- the deadly missiles are being fired at assorted Israeli targets with no protestation from any international source, the New York Times, President Barack (I'll Do Anything To Love The Arabs) Obama or the European Union which is so quick to put the rap on Israel for merely exhaling.

The end of Operation Cast Lead was supposed to return Sderot, Askdod, Ashkelon, et. al. to a permanent period of calm.

Here the operative word is "supposed." Reality is another story. Once the armistice was signed, all bets were allowed to be called off on the Arab side.

Is the World Court interested in such a blatant violation of an accord?

Is it even aware?

Or is it simply going to be suckered by the flotilla phonies attempting to exploit one of the most contrived acts since September 1939 when Adolf Hitler's troops disguised themselves as Polish soldiers and "invaded" Germany thus igniting World War II.

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