Monday, October 11, 2010


Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are officially over, but also officially not over.

Thanks to the blessing of the Arab League during their meeting on the Peace Process, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas can now walk away from peace negotiations and the path of Peace with official approval from the Arab World.

On the other hand, the Arabs have given the Obama Administration one month to convince Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go back on his word that the Settlement Freeze would be a one time deal.

The Arab League and the Palestinians are doing this in the attempt to fool the world; they hope to avoid taking responsibility for walking away from Peace negotiations.

As always the Arabs turn their back on peace.

The Arabs have learned that, although all the facts point to their being the main problem to finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this all can be countered by buying off the world with OIL and OIL MONEY.

The Arab nations and many of their Muslim counterparts have done an amazing job of taking their immense OIL WEALTH, changing factual history and rewriting them to shift blame and responsibility from their shoulders.

All one need do is a little research to find out that the Arab nations have been buying off cable news channels, American and European Universities, etc. Watch CNN and the BBC and you will see that the majority of the commercials are Arab sponsored.

It has been well known for some time, for anyone willing to do research, that the Arab Emirates along with Saudi Arabia have become the largest donors to American and European Universities.

It is not surprising that Near East programs at many of these Universities have become totally hostile to Israel and her supporters. Columbia University where the late, racist, anti-Israel Professor Edward Said propounded his political agenda under the guise of “teaching” is but one example of how biased many of these Middle East university programs have become.

Dr. Martin Kramer does an amazing job of exposing the horrifying state of Near East programs in American Universities in his book IVORY TOWERS ON SAND.

Somehow the American and European public have either ignored or have come to accept this horrible state, where countries that stand against liberal American and European Democracy are shaping the future of our countries. The true irony of this situation is that this is being done under the banner of the left – a left that appears to have no idea they are being manipulated by totalitarian, anti-democratic, oil-rich forces.

For instance, look at the travesty that has taken place in the last year and a half.

President Barack Obama comes into office and immediately makes one of America’s greatest foreign policy blunders by appeasing the Arab and Muslim world.

Obama is now paying the price for ignoring Middle-Eastern and Arab/Islamic history. The Arabs and Islam have always seen appeasement as weakness.

Thus, Obama sacrificing Israel, her staunchest ally, in the attempt to please the Arab and Islamic world was seen by them as the ultimate victory over LIBERAL, WESTERN DEMOCRACIES.

The Palestinians have been an amazing example of this version of Arabism.

The Obama administration made it clear that there were to be no preconditions to peace negotiations. This American pledge was given when the Obama Administration began its first attempt to get the Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table.

The Obama administration demanded no preconditions to counter Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence that the Palestinian Leadership recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State. Bibi backed down on this demand so negotiations could start.

The Palestinians quickly picked up on this American weakness towards backing Israel and pounced. While saying myriad times that the Palestinians had no preconditions to negotiations, they then insisted that they would not come to the negotiating table unless Israel stopped building in Judea and Samaria. This is not a “precondition?”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then did what no Israeli Prime Minster had done before, agreeing to a ONE TIME, ten month settlement freeze to coax the Palestinians back to the Negotiating table for the Americans.

Israeli’s gesture was rejected by the Arabs and Palestinians, when they opted to take nine of the ten months to sit on their behinds and not negotiate. The Palestinians did this because they knew Obama did not have the backbone to defend Israel OR to stand up to Arab hostility.

Emboldened, the Palestinians made more demands, such as Israel recognizing the 1967 borders for the Palestinian State.

This whole time, as they have throughout history, the Palestinians and Arabs have rejected peace.

Instead of peace and reconciliation they have opted on colonialist and racist policy.

The Palestinian policy is racist because of their insistence not to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State, while demanding a state for the Muslim/Arab Palestinians. It is a joke in fact, they do not seek two states for two peoples but the domination of Jews as the policy of ARABISM and Islamism has been from the beginning.

The Palestinian policies seek to deprive the Jewish Nation of its self-determination in its homeland.

The Palestinians and Arab nations know they cannot defeat Israel militarily, so now they are trying to destroy us with the lies of delegitimization.

The Palestinians, with Arab OIL Money have created a new form of Anti-Semitism called anti-Israelism. This new anti-semetism attempts to totally delegitimize the Jewish Nation and deprive it of its natural rights to freedom and self-determination. This anti-semitic, anti-Israelism says that the Jews are once again wrong, this time we are wrong for demanding our freedom in the land that has always been ours.

One must remember Arabs come from Arabia; they are the majority in many places of the world (Africa and the Levant) today because of the Imperialist policies of Mohammad and Islam. The name Palestine comes from the Roman, colonialist, European, province Palestina, which was created on the ashes of the Jewish common-wealths and Kingdoms of Israel and Judea! Like the Romans before the Palestinians today are attempting to replace and destroy Israel.

The major difference today is that the Arabs and Palestinians now attempt this imperialist and racist policy not just with the backing of colonialist European, Arab and Muslim states, but also with the acceptance of the American Administration under President Barack Hussein Obama.

Today those who truly support Israel must be very afraid of how this American Administration has handled itself with the Arab and Muslim world and with Israel.


  1. As an American Jew, I am heartsick..I so believe the Obama administration just doesn't get it...or they are the enemy of the Jews...and I can't let myself go there. I will support Israel to my death...and so pray for a new administration....Israel has every right to protect themselves..and I hope they do so before it is to late....

  2. As a non-Jewish American, I am appalled that so many ignorant and self-loathing American Jews voted for this detestable mutant. He told us long before the election that he sided with militant, social justice types and was an avowed palestinian sympathizer. I love and support Israel and her people and will NEVER stop!!!

  3. More ... more ... keep it up and keep exposing the realities with which Israel is continually pressure to deal.