Saturday, October 9, 2010


After thinking some more about what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should DEMAND for extending the settlement freeze I have come up with an addition.

American President Barack Obama feels he can buy Israel acceptance for an extension on the freeze with some vague security guarantees that will be bogus the minute we need them.


To get an extension Obama needs to man up, the price needs to be a hell of lot higher then some false American security guarantees.

As I said before Prime Minister Netanyahu must demand American and EU acceptance and guarantees that Israel will be recognized as the Jewish Nation State with peace is signed.

No can do, no extension.

But, Israel’s price should not stop there.

After all this American administration has demanded nothing of the Palestinians, or at least has not been able to get them to compromise at all.

Obama is also asking Prime Minister Netanyahu to break a promise he made to the citizens of Israel. I REPEAT that promise was made to all of Israel’s citizens, not just the Settlers.

Israelis want to know that their leaders aren’t being duped, yet again, by a malicious Palestinian leadership that does not really have peace in mind. So, when Benjamin Netanyahu handed President Obama this immense gift of an Israeli settlement freeze; the freeze, with Obama’s acceptance was a one time offer for ten months.

Bibi was very clear about that, nor is it his fault that the Palestinians intentionally sat around, rejecting negotiations for nine of those ten months.

So the Obama Administration is back pleading with us to be the good guys, pushing us to give peace one more chance with an extension of the freeze.

So, Obama needs to sweeten the deal even more; after all broken promises are expensive to buy!

So how does Obama do this?

As I said in my last article the only security guarantee the Obama administration can give is making sure the IDF is light years ahead of all other Arab and Muslim states. So, to sweeten the deal Obama can toss in, for immediate delivery, Ten F-22 Raptors.

That would make it a deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t refuse.

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