Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It is high time that the BDS movement along with its leaders and supporters are exposed.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement claims to be a humanitarian, freedom fighting organization that stands against racism and Apartheid.

In reality it is the exact opposite of what is claims to be.

The leaders of this movement seek one thing, the complete destruction of the Majority Jewish, Nation State of Israel.

While fighting for Palestinian Nationalism, they openly deny the Jewish People have a RIGHT to nationhood, liberty and self-determination.

Omar Barghouti, founder of BDS, clearly states he is against the Two State solution. Every member of the BDS leadership seeks to strip Israel of its freedom and Liberty. They actively advocate ruling over Israel and the Jews, which is racist, aggressive and colonialist.

This also means Mr. Barghouti stands openly against peace and international law. Why does he stand against international law? The UN was very clear when it said two states for two peoples; one Jewish and one Arab. So, along with opposing international law Mr. Barghouti seeks to dominate another nation.

Barghouti and his followers are not content to achieve statehood for the Palestinians. He wishes to occupy Israel, flood her borders with foreign Arabs under the pretense they are refugees and annihilate the Jewish People’s freedom.

He openly backs the destruction of a country that is eighty percent Jewish by flooding it with Arabs who have never set foot in Israel. This is a person who claims to fight racism, but intends to destroy another nation’s dreams of freedom -- about as racist as it gets.

This is to be expected of the leaders of BDS: after all, they are the offspring of Mohammad, the same person who brought COLONIALIST, IMPERIALIST Arab and Muslim ideology to the world as he ransacked Arabia, the Levant, North Africa and Spain.

The greatest irony is that Mr. Barghouti openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish state, while reaping the benefits of Israeli democracy: he attends Tel Aviv University.

Barghouti rationalizes this apparent paradox by claiming he is following in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela by attending university in a country he calls an Apartheid State.

There is no comparison between the two, and it is an example of how far someone like Omar Barghouti is willing to go with his LIES.

Israeli Arabs and many Palestinian Arabs can freely walk onto Tel Aviv University campus and attend classes and seminars with Jewish Israelis. SOmething that never would have happened in Apartheid South Africa. That is not only not Apartheid, but it is not what Mandela was forced to do. Although Mandela received his degrees before South Africa’s Apartheid laws were enacted in 1948, because of the segregation in South Africa before the Apartheid Laws, he was forced to receive his degrees by way of correspondence. There was no way Mandela could have freely walked onto a white campus.

Mr. Barghouti comparing himself to Nelson Mandela is much like Dan Quail who once compared himself to John F. Kennedy.

I am sorry, Mr. Barghouti: YOU ARE NO NELSON MANDELA.

The BDS movement advocates annihilating the dreams of another nation solely for their cause. But, In fact, BDS is not unique; similar movements have popped up regularly in history, nearly all revolving around racist, anti-Semitic beliefs.

The Nazis came to power in a Germany battered and bitter after losing World War I. They did so by touting hopes and dreams of restoring Germany to greatness, of taking back lands that were once part of Germany. Their “dream” – fascism -- became based on the ideal of racial purity, of the Aryan race being expunged of the “impurities” of Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies. However, the ultimate goal of Nazism was the complete conquest of Europe.

BDS and its supporters propound a Fascist, colonialist movement that represents the worst aspects of the imperialist dreams of pan-Arabism: that is complete domination of the nations in and around Arabia and the Muslim world, especially the sole Jewish Nation.

That there are Jews actively supporting BDS is merely a reminder that self-hating Jews are, after all, among the worst anti-Semites in the world! However, an important distinction must be pointed out: most Jews against Israel are either anti-Zionists, anti-nationalists, or both. Unfortunately, they have allied themselves with an organization that, behind everything, espouses the most virulent form of pan-nationalism: Arabism.

The BDS and its claimants need to be “outed.” It is a duty for people who strive for peace and security for both the Palestinian people and Israel to expose people like Omar Barghouti and the BDS movement.

Unfortunately, in certain ways we Israelis have become complacent, largely because of the vaunted competence of the IDF. Whatever happens, we know the IDF will take care of us.

But military might or competence on the battlefield cannot protect Israel from the insidious
battle of words and false claims that is being waged against the Jewish state. BDS is a manifestation of the most serious threat today against the State of Israel.

The government of Israel, supporters of Israel and those who actively fight for peace must do all they can to fight against BDS. The government of Israel must form teams, almost like historical, political special forces units, to combat BDS and others like it. We can no longer sit idly by as these lying, defaming racists attempt to create another holocaust.

Movements like BDS are as dangerous as a nuclear Iran and must be viewed that way, comparable to the “Brown Shirts” of Germany. BDS, it leaders and backers should be seen as enemies of Israel, with all the implications that brings upon them.


  1. Is the BDS movement not, in effect, treasonous?

  2. They always say, "Follow the money?" From whence comes Barghouti's tuition? Who supports BDS financially?

  3. apart from the demonization of muslims with the muhammad statement (which is damaging considering there are good muslims out there, some of whom support israel), its a good article - very accurate on the underlying motives of BDS. please write another article on this, explaining what methods could be used by us to help expose BDS for what they truly are.

  4. The sad part is that the remark about Mohammed is true...

  5. Thank you for responding. Sorry to hear that you feel that the Mohammad remark was demonizing, but is it not rue historically? One way or another I appreciate your thoughts and will do my best to leave comments like that out next time.

  6. . excellent article, the peace of Israel can not and must rely on to deliver part of a sovereign country in exchange for a month of peace, the Palestinians with their anti-Semitic campaigns, every day they have another piece over Eretz Israel.
    always exist wolves in sheep's clothing, trying to catch unwary, I agree that should create support groups to Israel, but not only words, and just as many words and avoid a new Holocaust