Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It’s official: there is no difference between today’s Palestinian leadership and that of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. The PLO, Fatah, Arafat, Hamas, Abbas -- its all the same; they seek to destroy Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the opening of the Knesset winter session, offered a resumption of the settlement freeze -- a major Palestinian precondition, IF the Palestinian leadership was willing to recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

What was the Palestinian response? An immediate and emphatic NO!

Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat went further, reiterating that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

So, no matter how much the Israel haters would like to blame Israel for a failure in establishing peace, the onus, as usual, is actually on the Arabs and Palestinians.

There is no reason for Israel to negotiatie with a Palestinian Leadership that refuses to recognize the Jewish Nation.

There is no reason for Israel to negotiate with people who are supposed to be moderates but have positions that are extreme. If Palestinian so called moderates refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish State, there is no point in discussing peace, because there won’t be any with that stance.

Probably in a fit of insanity, Palestinian representative Nabil Abu Rudeineh said “the Palestinians had long ago recognized Israel and would not engage in defining its character or ethnicity. About Prime Minister Netanyahu’s offer, Abu Rudeineh added, “There is no connection between settlement building and Israel’s identity.”

Right, maybe not for him, because he and his CO-patriots have made it clear their true intention is not peace but the dissolution of Israel and complete erasure of Zionism.

Another one of these phony moderates,Yasser Abed Rabo, says that Prime Minister Netanyahu floated the idea of extending the freeze in return for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish Homeland “to distract the Obama Administration and others from the core issues.”

By saying this, Abo admits the Palestinians have no concept of real peace and that they have no intention of recognizing two states for two peoples. That is as about as “core” an issue as it gets. By admitting this, Abo also reveals the Palestinians have been doing nothing but fooling the world with false assurances of seeking peace.

Everything Abbas, Erekat, Rudeineh and Abo are really saying is that they want a state for Arab/Muslim Palestinians; that is, they seek to fulfill the Arab Nationalist dream of creating Palestine at the expense of the Jewish National dream. THIS PALESTINIAN POLICY IS NOT PEACEFUL, NOT WORTH NEGOTIATING WITH AND IS RACIST.

The Obama Administration has again shown where they sit on this matter. This administration has endlessly appeased Mahmoud Abbas by pushing Israel to freeze settlement building.

Now, when Prime Minister Netanyahu offers an extension of the freeze with an Israeli demand attached, the Obama Administration is running for cover.

Instead of ducking their heads, Obama and Clinton should back Israel on this issue, for it is essential that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State in order for negotiations to resume.

The Palestinians have been caught in the act of lying too many times for any Israeli leader to continue negotiations without certain guarantees.

At this juncture is it necessary YET AGAIN to remind the world that this is a recognized democracy that was clearly the victor in repeated major skirmishes with combinations and permutations of Arab/Muslim forces? Yet they have to make concession after concession, just to get to the bargaining table?

Imagine Allied forces treating Germany and its Axis allies as less than a vanquished foe in 1946? Can you imagine Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin conceding their victories to the Axis powers in order to achieve “peace?”

Is it necessary to reiterate that after repeated concessions and proposed compromises, this victorious democratic nation of Israel -- which wants only to exist with secure boundaries for its people -- has to negotiate with a vanquished people who have been ejected from every neighboring Arab so-called “ally?”

Is there another nation that has had to undergo such humiliation, and has done so with relative grace and generosity? Never.

Sadly, there are those -- even at home -- who seek to appease the American government, no matter how dangerous it is to Israel.

I am a card caring member of Kadima; today I would like to rip that card up.

At the opening of the Knesset, instead of backing Prime Minister Netanyahu on an issue as core as the Palestinians recognizing Israel as the Jewish State, Kadima head Tsipi Livni chose America over Israel by castigating Prime Minster Netanyahu for not kow-towing to Obama’s wishes. Former Prime Minster and Kadima big shot Ehud Olmert also turned his back on Israel to appease the American government.

Apparently Kadima no longer represents the Center and has become Meretz (Israel's fanatical Left political party). We have almost every Palestinian leader saying they will never recognize Israel as the Jewish State, and these two POLITICIANS are bemoaning Benjamin Netanyahu? Insanity!

Along with Livni and Olmert there are the intelligencia, those who refuse to understand they have caused dire harm to their country by selling and believing the lies of “Palestinian Peace.”

These people are incapable of understanding that no matter how much we might want peace, no matter what we might be willing to compromise, on it makes no difference: the Palestinians won't.

Akiva Eldar is one of these detrimental apologists. He excuses the Palestinians’ virulent rhetoric, hatred and deceitful policies, while still finding time to blame Israel for everything.

Eldar’s recent article in Haaretz is a glaring example: a rationale for those who wish to blame Israel for the Palestinians’ attempts to destroy, deny and delegitimize Israel; he called Netanyahu a shyster for demanding recognition of Israel as the Jewish nation from those with whom he is supposed to be negotiating.

Eldar has no problem with Israel giving in to the Palestinian precondition of a settlement freeze; but how dare Bibi and Israel make a demand of the Palestinians! The settlement freeze was a political decision no other Israel leader had made. But Bibi is a charlatan because the Palestinians took nine months of the 10-month freeze to grudgingly come to the table? C’mon, Akiva!

Eldar said no Palestinian leader could recognizie Israel as the Jewish State because it would be tantamount to recognizing there would be no Right of Return for Palestinian refugees. Apparently it is okay for Israeli leaders to compromise on the toughest of issues, but not the Palestinians.

What the Palestinians are really recognizing is the acceptance that there will not be a GREATER PALESTINE; that is they won't destroy Israel. After all that is also the concept behind the settlement freeze; Israel accepting that there will not be a GREATER ISRAEL.

If this Palestinian leadership is not strong enough, or willing enough to tell the Palestinian nation there won’t be a Right of Return, then there is no point in discussing PEACE.

Of course they must recognize Israel as the Jewish State, just as Israel recognizes the Palestinians as an Arab nation/state. Eldar knows this. If this weren’t the situation, the Palestinians would have no problem living in a country called Jordan.

Akiva Eldar also fails to acknowledge that Israel has already ripped up settlements, evacuated more than TEN THOUSAND ISRAELIS FROM THEIR homes, and in return received more than eight thousand rockets. No biggie, right, Akiva?

Not one word from Eldar about the PA and other Palestinian organizations being behind the delegitimization movements against Israel. For this alone Netanyahu is right to demand a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State. But Eldar has no problem overlooking Palestinian incitement against Israel: we just need to understand them, right, Akiva?

Good for Bibi: it’s about time an Israeli leader made this demand. I just hope he doesn’t back down.

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