Friday, November 19, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every day -- in every way -- it seems as if American foreign policy toward Israel is guided by a flock of ostriches in gray flannel suits and, in the case of a Secretary of State, lady's pants.

Led by its increasingly disreputable president, the United States continues to construct mountains out of molehills in Judea and Samaria.

In this case, the molehills happen to be apartments and homes legitimately being built to accommodate Israelis whose prime target in life, apart from making a living, is to live in peace.

None of the new construction -- effectively mis-named "settlements" -- is outfitted with either mortars or rocket-launchers but no doubt will include safety rooms to protect the inhabitants from missiles of death.

Yet Barack Obama and his absurdly misguided sidekick, Hilary Rodham Clinton, continue to regard these simple habitations as something akin to nuclear facilities. That is, nuclear facilities such as the ones being constructed in Iran and to which Uncle Sam is doing nothing other than delivering useless hot air; otherwise known as passive threats which merely make the Iranian leaders chuckle.

Instead of forcefully bribing Benjamin Netanyahu into yet another construction moratorium, the Obama-Clinton axis of deception should focus on genuine warfare that is being conducted daily against Israel.

Hello, Mister President! That's daily -- as in every day -- and now, as we speak. War, as in exploding shells and weapons of destruction, if accurately aimed.

Specifically, I am talking about the endless mortar and rocket barrages being hurled at the Negev, Ashkelon and other points adjoining Gaza by the Hamas terrorists and their evil affiliates from the other side of what supposedly was to be an armistice line established after Operation Cast Lead.

The most recent assaults included mortar shells which contained white phosphorus and which could have inflicted horrific casualties had they landed among the civilian population.

Unlike the Israeli housing projects to which the White House so vociferously objects, the rockets and mortars were not bought at TOYS OR US. They are not playthings like popguns.

If a mortar explodes among Israeli citizens, the victims do not walk away smiling; in fact, they will be lucky simply to walk away and tell the tale.

Yet, somehow the continued war being waged by Hamas is ignored by the American government as if the episodes have jumped out of Grimm's Fairy Tales rather than the mouths of mortars and rocket projectiles.

All of which brings me to the utter absurdity of the projected peace talks and Bibi's apparent insistence on going along with them as if some tangible good miraculously somehow will be bestowed on Israel.

Mind you, the endless barrage from Gaza is tied into my point; why negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority when the more threatening enemies are actively attacking from Gaza?

Here, let's turn theory into reality:

Imagine that -- somehow, somewhere in the future -- a treaty is hammered out between Bibi and Abbas, Inc. Apart from the fact that the Arabs never could -- and never will -- be trusted, what would be the point of a pact if Hamas continues to wage war against Israel from Gaza?

Nothing about Hamas' actions since its overthrow of the PLO suggests that it ever will accept the existence of Israel.

Thus, a peace pact with the Abbas gang will only "solve" one-half of the aggressive problem while ignoring the MAJOR aggressors in the South.

This is not fiction. These are not the words of an eternal pessimist; they are nothing more than an acknowledgement of facts on the ground and missiles in the air.

Missiles hurt and kill.

New homes merely provide shelter and warmth -- a couple of elements Israel never seems to get from Obama.

Come to think of it, Bibi do well for himself and his policy-making if he journeyed to the little zoo in Nes Ziona. There he would find a flock of genuine, live ostriches who -- with their own heads-in-the-sand ways -- are accomplishing more for peace than Barack and Hilary whose heads are somewhere in the clouds!

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