Friday, November 12, 2010



Today was like most days for me here in Israel, a blessing.

Plenty of my native born Israeli family members and friends think I am crazy for choosing to live in Israel. I always tell them that they are crazy for not seeing the greatness of our country.

After dropping Odel (my oldest child) off at school and leaving Ariel (my second child) in preschool, I load Avigail (our youngest) into our jeep and head off to meet my wife Lilach in the town of Nes Ziona.

We live in Rehovot, a city of about 112,000 people. Nez Ziona, where my wife was born is the town next door. Getting to Nes Ziona from Rehovot is an amazing example of an Israel most people don’t get to hear about or see.

After heading out of our development, Avigail and I pass a newly-started archeological dig where a centuries-old Israelite fort is being excavated.

While digging out the basement for a proposed High-tech office building, the construction company, much to their chagrin, came upon this piece of ancient Jewish history. That’s how it is here: around every corner there is a little Indiana Jones!

After passing the dig we take a left into the fields and dunes that separate Rehovot and Nez Ziona.

The fields and dunes we cross were once part of Moshav Galia. For those of you who do not know what a Moshav is, it’s “Kibbutz Lite” -- not complete socialism, but about half way.

Passing through the fields is like passing through Israeli history.

Many of the old Moshav farm structures built in the nineteenth century are still standing; a testament to Israeli perseverence. The scenery in the fields is beautiful, rolling Mediterranean hills, eucalyptus trees, the dry heat and sun.

As my jeep maneuvers through the sand, Avigail and I sing songs.

Just before we leave the fields and arrive in Nes Ziona, Avigail and I are treated to another one of Israel’s unique surprises. Our local Bedouin friend is moving his sheep into the fields. What a sight. I wave hello and Avigail blurts out “baaaaaaa.”

Israel truly is a country existing simultaneously in the ancient past and the High-tech future; half First World and half Third World.

After making it through the fields we return to the First World of Nes Ziona; a small and beautiful city.

We meet up with Lilach at our local coffee shop and sit down for coffee and breakfast.

Even in Nes Ziona, a relatively small city by Israeli standards, one can really see the diversity of Israeli society: black, white, Jewish, Arab, Druze; all free to do as they please.

After finishing our food and drink, Lilach and I let Avigail lose in the playground. This is Avigail at her best: she quickly makes new friends and is already terrorizing some boys. When Avigail is finished commanding playtime we all jump into the Jeep, return through the fields, heading home for a little rest and relaxation before Ariel and Odel finish up and come home.

This, by the way, IS ISRAEL! Not what you see on TV. Not the lies being brought to you by CNN and the BBC. This is the Israel that movements like BDS want to hide from you. Their lies of apartheid and racism in Israel are just that, LIES. This is my nation, my children’s nation and we will not let them demonize it,


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