Monday, November 1, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Uncle Sam's citizens go to the polls on Tuesday and where the election will go nobody knows.

Of course there are many -- mostly pollsters -- who THINK they know how Americans will vote and they may be right.

This much is certain; Israelis should have as keen an interest in the results as folks from California to Connecticut because a significant victory for the Democrats will embolden their president beyond all reason. That, in turn, could be damaging to Benjamin Netanyahu and his country because of Barack Obama's negative track record vis-a-vis the Middle East's only democracy.

At the moment it appears that the Republicans will triumph although to what extent remains to be seen.

Can they capture the Senate as well as the House of Representatives? Nobody will know until early Wednesday morning.

Much will depend on how many Americans turn out to vote and how disenchanted they are with Obama's bizarre policies which have left the United States more divided than in recent memory; perhaps more divided than since the Civil War.

As always is the case, the Jewish vote will be pivotal. A resounding repudiation of the Democrats concomitantly will signal a thorough put-down of Obama and his platform which has been as destructive toward Israel as any similar program propagated by the White House.

Ah, but how will Jews vote? Will they be deceived into believing that their traditional Democratic bent is the right move no matter what, or will they come to their senses and understand that -- enough is enough -- it's time to cast a ballot for the party that most favors the hopes of Jews both in America as well as the Middle East? That would be the Republicans.

This is an extremely difficult call because it's virtually impossible to discern what precisely is going on in the mind of American Jewry.

In the last presidential election, only a precious few Jewish pundits discerned the dangerous direction in which Obama politics was headed.

Normally insightful political observers such as former New York City mayor Edward Koch and widely-read professor and Israel-defender Alan Dershowitz supported the Obama campaign.

Keenly aware of the error of his ways, Koch has made public his disenchantment with Obama. Although he remains a staunch Democrat, Koch never would support the president again; unless Obama does a 180-degree turn toward embracing Israel. That is about as likely as the sun rising in the West.

I'm not certain as to where Dershowitz stands -- I confess that I have not read his material lately -- but I highly doubt that he supports any of Obama's directives toward Israel.

Mind you, a Republican landslide will not ensure a turnabout in the president's policies but it might put the brakes on his anti-Israel behavior.


The possibility also exists that a Democrat defeat might very well curb the enthusiasm of Arabs who have found Obama the best friend they've ever had in the White House.


Of this there can be no doubt, the faster Obama is pushed out of the White House, the better off Israel will be.

Defeating the Democrats on Tuesday will be a start.



Political correctness has reached such an absurd level in the United States that it has blinded editorialists, columnists and television types into a consummate fear of criticizing Islam for fear of retaliation either verbally or physically.

Yet, one cannot be blind to the facts and once again it cannot be denied that the latest threat to the United States -- via United Parcel Service deliveries, no less -- has come from the Arab side.

Attack after attack -- whether it's the destruction of the World Trade Center or the attempted destruction of Chicago synagogues via mailed explosives -- is generated from the Muslim front.

Kill Jews, wherever they are, is the Islamic mantra.

The destruction of America, bit by bit, is the aim of Al Queda and its allies and yet the American president blithely continues to woo Islamic support.

Which brings me to the issue of the planned Manhattan mosque across from the 9/ll site.

A few thoughts on this matter:

1. The name Cordoba, intended for this mosque, comes from a Christian city in Spain conquered by Muslims. No surprise, its citizens were slaughtered or enslaved.

2. The original mosque of Cordoba -- the namesake of the Ground Zero mosque -- was built atop and partly from the materials of a Christian church.

3. Throughout Islamic history, whenever a country was defeated, one of the first moves was erection of a mosque atop the sacred sites of the vanquished.

As someone so sagely observed on the matter of the proposed Ground Zero mosque:

"It doesn't matter if every one of the Muslims who would worship are peace-loving saints. The proposed mosque at Ground Zero stands for the radical Muslims' conquest of America!"

Try telling that to President Obama.

Sorry, his head is in the sand. Arab sand, that is!

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