Thursday, November 4, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

President Obama has been resoundingly defeated but it is uncertain whether this will, in truth, benefit Israel.

Superficially, it should simply because Uncle Sam's Commander-in-Chief -- in title only, not practice -- has inflicted more damage on America's staunchest Middle East ally than any president in memory with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter.

It should follow that the overwhelming rejection of Obama and his policies should help Benjamin Netanyahu and his constituency because nothing could be worse than an executive who deliberately humiliated the Prime Minister on his initial -- and pivotal -- visit to Washington.

Make absolutely no mistake: the current White House is no friend of Israel.

In America, Obama is a clear-cut loser; not only at the polls but in the eyes of insightful political analysts such as the Wall Street Journal's Dorothy Rabinowitz.

"It will be a long time before Americans ever again decide that the leadership of the nation should go to a legislator of negligible experience," said Rabinowitz.

"His voting record as state and U.S. senator consisted largely of 'present' and an election platform based on glowing promises of transcendence."

In other words, the man is a phony and the election proved that Americans, by and large, could see through the leader I view as an empty suit.

If there is one surprise about the American electoral outcome it appears -- depending on which poll you believe -- that more Jews still support Obama than those who reject him.

Logically, this is patently absurd when one considers his background and Middle Eastern (pro-Arab) policies.

Perhaps the Jewish-American affection for him is based on the fact that Jewish voters are genetically Democrat and find it impossible to switch sides no matter how damaging key Democrats have been to Israel.

On the other hand, Republican lawmakers led by Congressman Eric Cantor have been outspoken in their support of Bibi & Co. and no doubt will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Fortunately, a precious few of the Democrats who survived, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, still are considered pro-Israel.

In fact, AIPAC, America's largest pro-Israel lobby group, lauded the returns with this statement: "Many of the strongest friends and supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship were re-elected."

But let's not carried away.

American policy still will be dictated by the president and, after two years, it has been amply demonstrated that the only time he ever does Israel a favor is when he believes it will support his political needs. He thought he could court the Jewish vote by some nicey-nice moves toward Israel in the past month but it was a case of too little, too late.

Even though as a group Jews supported the Democrats, this support reached its LOWEST LEVEL in years.

Those familiar with the evil side of Obama's persona fear that he soon will take revenge on Israel any way he can.

"Obama," concluded Rabinowitz, "is who he is: a man of deep-dyed ideological inclinations, with a persona to match. And that isn't going away.

"The election had everything to do with the man in the White House about whom Americans have lost their illusions. Illusions matter. Their loss is irrecoverable."

What matters now is what Israel can recover from Obama's loss.

Only time will tell.

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