Wednesday, November 10, 2010


By Schmoel Yitzhak

One of the most efficient ways to advance the alleged Peace Process would be for Barack Obama to keep his mouth shut.

When he does open it on behalf of resuming talks, the message is pure, unadulterated bunkum.

The American president pretends to be an honest broker of reconciliation but once his words are emitted, it becomes apparent that he's about as honest as Yasser Arafat on one of the latter's lying binges.

Obama's insincerity is betrayed once more with his commentary that Israel's plan to erect 1,300 new homes in East Jerusalem is "unhelpful" to peace negotiations.

Hold it, man.

Has Uncle Sam's chief executive developed a convenient case of amnesia?

Wasn't it Obama who prevailed on Benjamin Netanyahu -- against Bibi's will -- to institute a nine-month moratorium on "settlement" construction?

Israel's leader complied on the grounds that it would persuade the Arabs to seriously negotiate some sort of lasting peace between the two sides.

Netanyahu complied and then waited and waited and waited for some sign of cooperation from the Palestinian side.

Months went by and not once did Obama stand forth to blast the Palestinians for their intransigence.

Only at the very end -- forced by the Democrats fearing a terrible loss at the polls -- did the Arabs make an effort and then, of course, it was an plan filled with pre-conditions that never could be met.

Thus, the lengthy moratorium ended and that signaled a green light for Israel to resume construction; which it did.

Why the Democratic administration should object to new construction in East Jerusalem defies credulity.

East Jerusalem -- despite what the Arabs might like -- is not judenrein -- but rather an integral part of Israel's capital; that same capital that Obama once promised to recognize by moving the American Embassy there but never has done so.

Truer words never were spoken when Bibi shot back that "Jerusalem isn't a settlement." Nor does he see any connection between the "Peace Process" and the building and planning policy in Jerusalem.

Can anyone imagine Netanyahu telling Obama that there should be a moratorium on building in Washington, D.C. Why that's beyond ridiculous; and so are demands that Israel should not build in its capital.

That the European Union has joined the dissonant Obama chorus on this matter should hardly surprise. When was the last time the EU took a fair-minded approach to Israel?

Should we be surprised?


When the Arabs do nothing for nine months of the moratorium and nothing is said to condemn them, we should not be in a state of wonderment at Obama's latest bit of perfidy.

The American president has learned nothing about the massive rebuff he received from his own electorate and obviously has learned zilch about fairness in this one-sided "Peace Process."

Perhaps if Obama declared a moratorium on personal comments about Israeli-Arab affairs some real negotiating eventually might take place.

Nowadays, when the American president talks, he's favoring the Arabs and does nothing but become a dishonest broker.

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