Saturday, November 27, 2010


By Simon Fischler

Dear President Clinton,

I am writing this to you in response to your opinion article “Finish Rabin’s Work” printed in the New York Times this November.

Mr. President you claim that Rabin was a close friend of yours and you also claim that you miss him on a daily basis.

Mr. President do you think Rabin would have continued to negotiate with people who demand recognition of their nation yet refuse to recognize the Jewish Nations right to Statehood?

NO WAY. Rabin would have walked out on Arafat at Camp David and Taba and he would have told Mahmoud Abbas to forget Statehood if the Palestinians refused to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State.

That was Rabin.

Rabin was not a politician, nor a diplomat. Rabin was a STATESMAN and sacrificed his life to protect the nation he loved so much. He sacrificed his Life for PEACE while Arafat and the “Supposed Moderate” Palestinians continued to use terrorism.

This is no longer a theory: Mahmoud Zahar of Hamas confirmed it in September, when he admitted to the Press that Arafat had okayed HAMAS’ terrorist attacks on Israel.

That also confirms that Arafat had okayed attacks by HAMAS throughout all the Oslo Period -- even when Rabin was alive and negotiating with him. This totally contradicts your theory of peace in three years if Rabin had not been assassinated. Arafat never wanted peace and you know that!

If you loved Rabin as much as you claim to, you would be doing all you can to protect the truth of his work.

If you really loved Rabin and wanted his work to be finished, you would call out those who caused the destruction of his work and cause: The Palestinian Leadership.

If you loved Rabin, you would demand the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State.

If you loved Rabin, you would be the first to castigate those who lie and call Israel an apartheid state.

If you truly loved Rabin as you claim, you would demand the PA halt all incitement against Israel and the Jewish Nation; something that is nowhere near happening.

If you truly loved Rabin, which is loving Israel -- because Rabin truly was Israel at the end of his life, you would have been the first to call out the PA yesterday when they released a policy paper claiming the Western Wall has nothing to do with the JEWS.

President Clinton you know more than anyone that the settlements are not the issue, and you rob Rabin of his TRUTH when you let your wife and her boss point the finger at Israel because of settlements.

Lastly, you negate that claimed love, when you fail to call out Abbas and/or his underlings every time they proudly yell to the world that they will never recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation. This is the treachery that has been Palestinian policy since the beginning of the Oslo agreements: Abbas and his underlings have no intention of truly recognizing Israel’s right to exist. When I say Israel’s right to exist, you know exactly what that means: the JEWISH DEMOCRATIC nation state.

President Clinton, I am Simon Fischler, a liberal Democrat who voted for you as president. I also voted for Al Gore and Barack Obama. I am also Simon Fischler, an Israeli citizen who has voted for the peace camp in every Israeli election since 2001. Tell the truth, Mr. Clinton: if people who love peace truly want it for Israel and the Palestinians, it is time the Palestinian Leadership be brought to the court of peace and pay up for the treachery they have committed against the Israeli and Palestinian people!

Mr. President, if you truly loved Rabin, start telling the TRUTH ABOUT THE PALESTINIAN LEADERSHIP’S ACTIVE STANCE AGAINST PEACE.

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