Tuesday, February 1, 2011


LOWKEY is an English born Iraqi Arab.

He also happens to be the glaring example of how twisted and sick Europe and Europeans have become in their appeasement to hostile, Arab, Muslim culture and acceptance of Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitism.

LOWKEY is nothing more than an agent of the BDS and ISM.

LOWKEY spends his time stealing American culture, then condemning it. Along with this he spends his time creating hate and anti-Semitism with lies under the falacy of freedom for Palestine.

His freedom for Palestine is the destruction of the Jewish Nation State, a racist and genocidal policy. In any normal place a person like this would have been booted off of the world stage, but today being a racist, anti-Semite gets you places.

One of his greatest and most ridiculous quotes was to say "Zionism is not about self-Determination."

Is it not amazing when an Arab, European, who has never even been to Israel or read anything about Zionism can tell us what our national movement is. This movement has created a Nation State that is eighty two percent Jewish with equal rights to the other minorities. It is not about self-Determination? That is just plane Hate and racism. To say Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism is to say the KKK is not racist and thanks to people like LOWKEY this point is very easy to make clear.



Lowkey, your style is off-key

Your rhymes sound like those of a deranged monkey.

I despise your lies and your fallacy of Palestine has been compromised.

Do not talk to me about to Zionism cause you know not what it is.

Your feeble mind tries to rob my nation of its self-determination.

You and the Arab/Palestinian Nation are the Segregationists.

You and your people are the true off-spring of Apartheid South Africa.

Your a Hater and you and your BDS and ISM peeps will never rob us of our freedom, Arab enslaver.

Israel is right, that is why we always win the fight.

You say Zionism is Racism, but only a Racist could say that.

In fact it is your nations ideals that are built on annihilating another peoples dreams of freedom.

It is the Jewish/Israeli Nation that originates, It is you and your Arab people that duplicate what we create.

It was the Laws of Moses and the Hebrew Nation that came before Mohammed and the Quran.

It was the Kingdom of Israel and the Provence of Judea long before anything called Palestine.

Look my little feeble minded friend Zionism was around long before Arab nationalism.

You got nothing on us.

Your hands are just as dirty with colonization as that of the White European. The enslaver of Africa is who you are.

Never talk to me of Palestine, it was your Grand Mufti who sat down with Hitler.

You and the Garbage you spit, make you sound like a five cent whore or a tuppence trick.

So take yourself, your fake rhymes and your fake history back to where you belong, the Dunes of Arabia.

Get out of Africa, hand it back to its people.

Before you try to preach freedom clean your up house, because it stinks from the excrement your nation creates.

Your arguments stink like a festering boil.

Your times up, and you’ve been smacked up.

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