Wednesday, February 23, 2011


By Simon Fischler

This last month has been a tumultuous one for us here in Israel.

However, like all other months, it has been consistent in one area: Israel, as always, has born the brunt of constant criticism.

We watched as our “cold peace” neighbor Egypt overthrew long time U.S. and Israeli ally, President Hosni Mubarak.

We witnessed closely the ineptitude of the Obama administration’s Middle-Eastern policy as the administration failed to backup their longtime ally.

Let’s not get into the U.S.’ long and sordid history of making alliances with autocrats, tyrants and dictators; point was, they had an alliance they should have made some attempt to honor, in order to show the world that they stand by commitments. So, while they were too chicken to support an ally (whom they never really liked, anyway), they also couldn’t actively support the protestors.

There’s absolutely nothing like being wishy-washy and indecisive to make a good impression on your average militant Muslim. This, of course, means that another huge chunk of the U.S.’ reputation in the Middle East went bye-bye, along with Hosni.

We Israelis then were lectured for not doing enough to support Egyptians seeking the freedom and democracy we enjoy here in Israel, despite the fact that we were, in effect, simply honoring our “cold peace” with Egypt.

To all this criticism I have one name in response: Sheik Yusef Abdullah al-Qaradawi. This icon of Islamic hatred towards Israel and the West just returned to Egypt after a three- decade vacation, thanks to President Mubarak’s ouster.

At Friday prayers the Sheik, before one million Egyptians in Tahrir square, took it upon himself to blame Israel for Egypt’s problems and called for Israel’s destruction. Hey, what else is new?

If there is any more doubt as to why this little Friday sermon is ominous and bodes ill for Israel, just look up the return of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to Iran in 1979. That should clear everything up!

Last week Israeli friend Tony Blair told the world it needs to do more to recognize the culture of Islam if it wants to make things right in the Middle-East. While I appreciate what Tony has to say, he totally overlooks the fact that most Muslims, Islamic clerics, Arab Dictators and theocratic muslim leaders could care less what we think, or whether we understand the “culture of Islam.”

Mr. Blair is dead wrong; the West, Israel and America do not need to bow down to Islam. It is high time the world starts making Islam and the governments that tout this political (yes, that’s right; Islam is more a pure militant political movement than it ever has been a religion) movement recognize the rights of others.

It is high time that the Coptic Christians, in Egypt long before Islam arrived, get their rights fulfilled. It is high time the world demand that Arab and Muslim governments stop denying the Jewish Nation its right to statehood and self-determination. Same goes for Darfur, South Sudan and most of Africa which has been ruthlessly colonized by Arabs and Islam.

That is something Helen Thomas should take into consideration before she opens her mouth the next time. Helen, we Jews will pack up our bags and head to our homeland (not far for us to go being that Israel historically has been recognized as the homeland of the Jewish Nation)as soon she and the rest of the Arab Nation (if I’m not mistaken Ms. Thomas harks back to Lebanon) packs up and returns to the Sand Dunes of ARABIA.

In all seriousness, it is not a joke that media organizations like CNN are giving Helen Thomas a chance to explain herself. Or rather, it is a grotesque, monstrous joke.

Does David Duke get a chance to explain himself? No, because everyone knows he is a racist creep. The same should apply to Helen Thomas, but I guess as long as you bad mouth Israel and Jews (not even criticize), you’ll still get a second chance to explain yourself. Or maybe like Qaddafi, they’re giving her air time because, despite being quite mad (in her case probably because of senile dementia; Qaddafi has always been a psycho), she’s so old they have to respect her ranting?

Speaking of Muammar, did I forget to mention that Libya is sitting on the UN’s Human Right’s Council? That’s taking “know thy enemy” a bit far, don’t you think?

This little nugget of insanity should sum up the United Nations and why it should be disbanded and replaced with a better alternative. In the last week, Libyan forces have killed more than 600 of their own citizens peacefully protesting Qaddafi’s 42-year old dictatorship.

Muammar Qadaffi, you see, does not need to answer to “friends” like American President Barack Obama, as Hosni Mubarak did. So when he has his air-force drop bombs on those peacefully protesting his leadership, it is all good. Same goes for Iran and the Mullahs who have totally stamped out protests against their theocratic dictatorship.

I am sure somehow at the end of the day American President Barack Obama will find a way to foist all of his disastrous Mid-East policy failures on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel and the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

What I’m really curious about is how Israel is going to be blamed for the unrest in Yemen and Bahrain!

One last note. It is very nice that English Author Ian McEwan decided to ignore the calls for him to boycott Israel and came to accept the Jerusalem Prize for Freedom of the Individual in Society. Yet, upon receiving the prize, what does Mr. McEwan do but lambaste Israel for settlements and not giving a right of return to Arabs. Is he serious?

Are all these creative artistic minds so devoid of individual thought?

Why can’t someone like Ian McEwan do his homework and search for the truth here? Instead of a tired, old-hat blasting of the settlements, why does he not blast the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Nation for turning down statehood and peace not once, not twice but three times? Must he be a sheep and spout the cliched, anti-Israel rhetoric?

And this “right of return” B.S. is really growing tiresome. Is Islam going to give more than 900,000 Jews “right of return” to the likes of Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia and Libya ... plus reparations? Yeah, right.

Why is it Mr. McEwan doesn’t know that Israel grants hundreds of Palestinians citizenship every year under “family reunification” laws? As for a generic “right of return” for all Palestinians, McEwan should know better and never demand that Israel, the Jewish, democratic, nation/state commit national suicide.

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