Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

It is amusing in a sardonic way to learn that Barack Obama is "furious" with Hillary Clinton over the manner in which her State Department has disagreed with the White House over the Egyptian political transition.

Then again, what did the president expect when he hired Mrs. Bill to run State?

Has the pseudo-Muslim president forgotten that Madame H spent more than a year verbally ripping Obie to shreds during the Democratic primaries?

Hillary never will recover from the manner in which she blew her chance at the Democratic nomination and the likelihood that she would have gained the presidency.

Thus, whenever the opportunity presents itself to fire a torpedo at her boss, she will -- and did.

Which explains why Uncle Sam's policy regarding the Egyptian turmoil appears to be a product of a pair of sixth-graders.

On the one hand, Clinton's lackeys at State blueprinted a scenario that would have allowed President Mubarak to remain in office so that there would be a slow, reasonably orderly Egyptian transition at the top if, in fact, Mubarak chose to resign.

Nay, nay, nay. The White House wanted Hosni out of there faster than you can say, "They don't know what the heck they're doing on Pennsylvania Avenue!"

Naturally, this kind of stuff could not be hermetically sealed from the public by the Chief Executive so -- sooner rather than later -- we learned that Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates lined up with The Madame against the prez.

When Obie discovered Hillary's plan, he drafted the Democrats' clown prince -- no friend of Israel -- John Kerry who showed up on "Meet The Press" to reinforce the president's position. (It also inspired rumors that Kerry will next be Secretary of State.)

What this all means is that Uncle Sam -- more than ever -- has become the laughing stock of the Middle East, if not the lead hypocrite.

If the White House is so keen on nurturing democracy in Egypt, why hasn't Obama ripped the leaders of Saudi Arabia among other dictatorships in the area?

There's been the potential for an Egyptian-style revolution in Iran but the Administration has done everything possible to appease the Iranian mullahs and the nut case running the joint for them.

Then we have the pathetic picture of Hilary urging on the Teheran protesters about two years too late while Obama continues to do next to nothing to stimulate support for the anti-government group in Iran.

Funny, but I never hear a whisper out of the Dear One whenever Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his puppet threatens the only democracy in the Middle East with extinction.

Make no mistake, the upheaval in Egypt will do nothing to help either America nor Israel because the moderates will relentlessly be shoved aside by militant Islamics. it may not happen in a month but it will happen.

That's why I firmly believe political consultant George Birnbaum is on target when he warns about a domino-style collapse of moderate Arab regimes.

Sadly, no policy produced in either White House nor State Department policy so far suggests that America has a clue as to how the Middle East can be made safe for a genuine, Israeli-style democracy!

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