Wednesday, February 16, 2011


By Simon Fischler

HELLO, apparently everyone is too caught up with the protests in the Arab world to recognize the power moves Iran is carrying out at this very moment.

Two Iranian warships are steaming towards the Mediterranean Sea and Syria through the Suez Canal (courtesy of the new democratic Egypt). In Lebanon Sheik Hassan Nasrallah just announced that Hezbollah needs to be ready to LIBERATE the Galilee.

I think you know where this is going.

The Mullahs in Teheran may be crazy; they also might run their theocratic country ruthlessly, but they are not stupid.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs called the protests in Egypt “an Islamic Awakening.” Mistakenly they thought they had defeated their own opposition movement a year before with force far more brutal than anything done in Egypt. Then, just a few days after Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt, they woke up to find the streets of their country filled with protesters.

They do not intend to make the same mistake that their Arab enemy Mubarak made in Egypt. They also have a trump card President Mubarak never had: attacking Israel.

Sheik Nasrallah is always happy to abide by his masters’ commands and his Iranian rulers know that time is short. They need a war with Israel and they need it now.

They also presume that the uneducated masses in the Arab and Muslim world, along with a large portion of the virulently anti-Semitic far left will put everything aside, including their freedom to condemn Israel.

This attack, if and when it happens, will almost definitely come on the northern border of Israel with Lebanon.

Hezbollah will attempt to take over an Israeli town, thus “Conquering the Galilee”, holding it hostage and causing Israel a major embarrassment. This will also cause Israel to hit back in what the world inaccurately calls “disproportionate” force.

The Iranian warships will be more than willing to assist their Lebanese underlings and engage the Israeli Navy when it blockades Beirut. This of course will give Iran the ability to start unleashing its Shihab 3 missiles on Israel.

The Israeli government and the Israel Defense Forces must be ready for what might possibly be an immediate attack.

Tragically, once again Israel will have to defend herself, and if she prevails, she will again somehow become the scapegoat, the bad guy. Worst of all, in the process of simply surviving, she will aid the perfidious Iranians, Hezbollah and God knows who else in distracting their downtrodden, oppressed oppositions from the terrible reality existing within their own lands.


  1. Will Israel let the ships come near? Will that filthy jihadi in the White House try to stop them acting so he can be praised in the mozlem world for bringing about this attack on Israel?

  2. Hey Juniper,

    Israel most definitely not let the ships come into the Med. FM Lieberman called it a provocation, what that means in Diplomatic talk is that if it happens war could easily break out. As far as I have seen today Iran has backed down and the ships are not coming through.