Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By Simon Fischler

American President Barack Obama will be remembered by historians as the American President who single handedly destroyed American foreign policy in the Middle-East.

For Israelis, Obama will be remembered as the American President who created the worst relationship with Israel -- even at times hostile towards Israel.

Obama will also be remembered by Israelis as the president who put their country back into the hostile waters of the Middle-East circa nineteen fifties.

President Obama’s Middle-Eastern policy has all but destroyed any chance for peace. The ineptitude of the Obama regime towards its allies has strengthened radical countries and organizations.

Today Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are no longer afraid of the American paper tiger being guided by Obama and his administration.

These governments and organizations have been emboldened by Obama’s misguided, naive and weak Middle-Eastern policy.

Why shouldn’t these radical elements feel cocky?

They have seen American backed leaders fall from power with no help from Obama.

It was Palestinian top negotiator Saeb Erekat himself who said that with George W. Bush the radicals were at least afraid; with Obama they are laughing at him. One must also remember the Palestinian Authority leadership and people like Erekat were not fond of Bush. For Erekat to say such a thing is proof of how badly Obama has destroyed America’s image here in the Middle East.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was left to the Hezbollah wolves when they staged an unlawful coup. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was tossed into the dust bin by Obama the second things got a little hot in the kitchen.

Not very reassuring for other American-backed allies, especially in a region where debts are usually paid in blood.

Is it not funny that Obama and his administration sat by, barely saying word, as freedom-seeking Iranians took the streets, putting their lives on the line, to fight the fraudulent reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

There were hundreds of thousands of Iranians risking their lives daily in a popular uprising; fighting the most oppressive of regimes, one that makes Mubarak’s Egypt look like Switzerland. This regime also happens to be America’s greatest enemy (which they apparently do not or refuse to recognize) and Obama did not lift a finger of support.

These same Iranians have defied their oppressive regime and taken to the streets once again and all Mrs. Clinton had to say was that the Iranian people should be allowed to protest. Nothing about how the Iranian regime should step aside for true democracy. Looks like it is better to be an enemy of the Obama administration than an ally.

Most Americans, especially those who voted for him, do not understand or refuse to understand that President Obama has put America and her allies in great danger.

As for Israel, there are analysts who believe the resignation of President Mubarak and the U.S.’ failure to stand by him take away Israel’s ability to strike Iran.

In fact it has done just the opposite.

Israelis and the Israeli government have no faith in Obama. They know they have no friend in the Oval office, no matter how many times Obama and Hilary Clinton talk about the supposedly unshakable bond between Israel and America. With the possibility of losing the safety of a peaceful Western border with Egypt, Israel is far more prone to act alone, that is preemptively against the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Now is the time for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, before the citizens of Egypt get the chance to take away the peace treaty that has kept our two nations at peace.

It will take time for the Egyptian military and what is left of Egypt’s government to bring about true democratic elections. If the Egyptian military stands by its words and allows a democratic government to be elected, the peace treaty and its survival will depend solely on the citizens of Egypt. It is to be hoped they will chose a government that will abide by the treaty. As we saw in the past, when the Palestinians went to elections and voted Hamas into power, what we had hoped for was not the reality.

I doubt Israel will wait for this outcome; she cannot put the future of her citizens at risk.

So much for Peace, Mr. President.


  1. Once again Simon, an excellent article.
    I feel as if Obama is deliberately trying to destroy our relationship with , not only our greatest ally Israel, but, the rest of them as well. He is driving America into bankruptcy, weakening our country's defenses, and alienating our allies.
    I think it is time for him to step down, before he destroys us, Israel and the rest of the world.
    Obamanation fits, because that is exactly what his administation is.

  2. Why should the U.S. have to act as the protector of Israel and why should the U.S. have to threaten Arab nations.

    They are all sovereign nations the U.S. should not need to act as a bully for one nation, it's time for Israel to grow up and take care of itself.

    Israel needs to realize that it's own acts against its neighbors are causing them to have hostility toward Israel.