Monday, September 12, 2011


By Simon Fischler

I have been lucky my whole life.

My luck started when I was born into a functional family with parents who did all they could to stay together for good and for bad.

My mother and father gave me all of the love and patience that was humanly possible.

They also supplied me with the best education money could buy (it was a lot then and it is even more today) in New York City.

Today it is much easier to see how much my parents gave me and too appreciate how amazing it is to have parents who truly TRY their hardest to do what is best for their children.

The upbringing that my parents gave me entrusted me with something that the best education in the world cannot give, nor all the money cannot buy and that happens to be a commodity called COMMON SENSE.

As a Liberal, American, Israeli, Jew I -- rather immodestly -- believe that I possess this precious asset. And what this common sense tells me that what once were clear-cut definitions no longer hold true.

Sometimes it appears that the political lexicon has turned topsy-turvy in the worst possible sense. Let me explain in common sense terms.

For starters, let me point out that what we once regarded as “liberalism” has been egregiously transformed for the worse by faux-liberals and the neo-fascists-of-the-world who cloak themselves in a leftist cape.

The endless targeting of Israel by these groups underlines a very relevant -- not to mention dangerous -- point. That is, that the liberal of yesteryear is as extinct as the Dodo bird, and more resembles the anarchists and fascists of the 1930’s.

The COMMON SENSE true liberal -- the Harry Truman kind -- sees Israel for what it truly is; a multi-cultured nation-state that happens also to be the nation state of the Jews.

Although the new-breed leftists, who are about as close to being “liberal” as a hyena, can’t -- or simply won’t -- acknowledge the obvious because it pains them so much to do so; that Israel is a democratic society, which blesses all of its minorities with equal rights. That means Arabs, Druze, Christians -- every one.

Astonishing but true is the fact that the only nation in the Arab world, where Arab citizens can protest against their government without fear happens to be Israel!

To press the point a step further, Israel is the only country in the Middle East and much of Asia where homosexuals can marry, join the Army openly and live their lives freely.

The faux Liberal calls Israel a racist state; not Saudi Arabia where gays are taboo; nor Syria where slaughter goes on without leftists rebuke every day. Nor Egypt where the Arab Spring has sprung a leak.

Faux Liberals overlook these obvious points simply because Israel happens to be the Jewish Nation state. They choose to behave toward Israel in the most fascist and racist ways while conveniently overlooking the Arabs’ endless forms of abuse to democracy and all American values pertaining to justice.

The COMMON SENSE liberal sees the Palestinians for what they are, an extension of Arab colonialism that started with Muhammed and a continuation of Nazi anti-Semitism that was created with the partnership of the Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler.

The faux liberal supports the Palestinian cause.

And some “cause” it is. The Arabs are demanding the destruction of Israel as a Jewish nation state by flooding it with foreign Arabs.

The Arab League, which has treated the Syrian massacres as worth of a slap on Assad’s wrist, totally overlooks the 900,000 Jewish refugees evicted from Arab lands during the Israeli War of Independence.

That, by the way, comes to 150,000 more refugees than the Arabs who fled Israel.

The faux liberal calls Israel a segregationist country even though Arabs can live, work and play where ever they choose. These phony liberals also conveniently overlook
an interesting contrast; that it’s illegal -- punishable by death -- to sell Jews land in both the Gaza Strip as well as in Judea and Samaria. under control of the Palestinian Authority. In Israel, Arabs can buy land with imupunity.

The COMMON SENSE liberal knows that the right of Israel to exist and exist as the Jewish Nation state is not even questionable. The common sense liberal knows that the supposed Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees is nothing more than a myth that has been created by Palestinian revisionists.

Common sense dictates that the Arab-conceived “right of return” is a fictitious concept.

And hypocritical since no nation would demand statehood -- as the Palestinians are -- and then transfer its supposed citizens to another country; in this case, Israel.

The Right of Return is nothing more than an Arab ploy designed to destroy Israeli Jews and rob them of self-determination.

The faux liberal sees and knows all of this, but conveniently ignores the perfidy of Arabs, currently mis-named Palestinians

Phony liberals, led by the likes of Quisling Jewish columnist Tom Friedman along with “scholars,” Jonathan Cole, Noam Chomsky et. al. are trying to bamboozle the world into erasing Israel from the map.

Charlatans such as Friedman sit side by side with corrupt Saudi princes, Hamas, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and other Jew-haters.

Whether they know it or not, if the Tom Friedmans of the world have their way, there will be another Holocaust for they are the Brown Shirts of 2011.

The common sense liberal fights for Israel because it is a beacon of hope in a region of tyranny and despair. The common sense liberal fights for Israel because doing so is fighting for genuinely liberal ideals.

A true liberal -- Harry Truman-variety -- knew then and knows now that supporting Israel is the right thing to do.


  1. Good luck. Please consider adding to your links. We are on the same page.

  2. Thanks for calling me a common-sense Harry Truman liberal! He's been a hero of mine most of my life and now more than ever!!!

  3. I think that faux liberals are more aptly progressives (socialists) and usurpers of the term liberal. If Robert Francis Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr had not been assisnated, I would in all likelihood be a Democrat today. As it is, I vote my conscience. A friendly SFO