Monday, September 5, 2011


By Simon Fischler and Schmoel Yitzhak

Dear Ms. Glick and Mr. Rubin:

We two (above-noted) columnists for the Association for the Political Defense of Israel respectfully write you as loyal, devoted, regular readers of your columns both in the Jerusalem Post and other publications.

We support most of the opinions you set forth. We respect your knowledge, research prowess and writing ability.

It would not be an exaggeration to assert that we are avid followers of your writings.

As such, we believe that you two will respect the fact that we can have an honest disagreement. The fact is we have a few bones to pick with you. Understand, this is constructive criticism.

Not only would we like you to digest our points but your responses as well.

The following are our objections or disagreements, if you will:

OVER-EMPHASIS ON OBAMA: While we wholeheartedly agree with your criticism of Obama and his policies toward Israel since taking office, we believe that by this time you are preaching to the choir but also are beating a dead horse, so to speak.

Our feeling is that it’s time to focus on more important issues. We suggest the following:

THE INABILITY OF THE ARABS TO RECOGNIZE ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE AND THEIR ATTENDANT RACISM. We believe that this is an ongoing, vital issue. It’s important that it should be dealt with in print as forcefully as possible.

SWITCH FROM THE FOCUS ON SYRIA: Turkey has become a far more dangerous foe for Israel than Assad’s Syria. Mr. Rubin, you have faithfully and cogently zeroed in on the maniacal Assad and his destructive regime. This has been made been clear to your readers. We believe that you should shift focus; specifically focus on the attempts by the Turkish regime to bully Israel. What makes this such an egregious sin is that the Palmer Report found Turkey overwhelming guilty in the flotilla incident.

* THE DANGEROUS FOLLY OF ABBAS’ CAMPAIGN AT THE UN FOR A PALESTINIAN STATE: This is the “now” issue and we urge you to address it with all deliberate clarity, if not speed. We don’t have to tell you how vital this is to Israel’s future.

Like yourselves, we agree that Israel never will obtain anything approaching a fair shake from Obama as long as he remains president. We agree that everything possible should
be attempted to have an Israeli-friendly president replace him, but that kind of column-writing can wait until next Summer when we have a clearer view of the Republican candidate.

We hope that either or both of you would be available for an interview -- either in person or
by telephone. If so, we plan to request that you reply to the following questions which, of course, could be answered by e mail

Either way, your replies will be published in our newsletter, of which a few copies are hereby enclosed for your perusal.

Thank you for your consideration and keep up the good work.


Simon Fischler and Schmoel Yitzhak

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