Wednesday, September 14, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

When it comes to assessing the U.S. President Barack Obama’s Middle East strategy US merely is the short form of USELESS.

The so-called leader of the Free World -- whatever that means -- has screwed up everything except his expenses-paid vacation in Martha’s Vineyard after which Martha must be turning over in her grave.

Obama has screwed up Egypt by impetuously -- another word for wrongly -- undermining Hosni Mubarak

The president couldn’t exercise prudence when that reaction was the order of the day. Instead, he had a knee-jerk reaction to a mob scene never thinking that the mad ghouls out there had no more connection to a liberating “Arab Spring” than a Tyrannosaurus Jubilee.

That riotous crowd smelled of anti-semitism from the get-go -- remember the “Kill the Jews” chants -- and would have been discerned for what it was by an insightful president. The Big O -- that’s O for zero -- couldn’t figure that out.

Then again, when one considers that Obama spent a good twenty years at a church where Jew-hating sermons were standard items on its menu, it should surprise no one that The Big B -- that’s B as in Blunderer -- is catering to the anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood.

Not a single Egyptian had been killed while the mob protested so there really was no reason at all for any American president’s meddling -- and torpedoing of his Cairo counterpart.

Ah, but then in the Obama playground we have him on a see-saw when it comes to his reaction to Assad’s cavalcade of killing.

Did I say “reaction?” Oops! Wrong word.

It has been months since the Syrian dictator has been crushing his constituents like so many roaches infesting his golden toilet.

Now had Mubarak turned Egypt into a killing country, a la Syria, Obama likely would have sent a dozen battleships up the NIle while ordering an atomic bomb aimed at Cairo.

Instead, the White House treats Assad like some ill-bred third cousin-twice removed who is threatened with a good spanking but never gets one. When it comes to Washington’s relation to Damascus, call it Hypocrisy a la carte.

Obama’s indolence, vis-a-vis Syria suggests that he views endless killings as seriously as fireworks at a bar mitzvah. Perhaps his left-of-the-foul line advisors have told him that the genocide is taking place somewhere on a small planet, possibly Krypton.

Perhaps we all should ask ourselves what hasn’t the president screwed up in the Middle East?

Did you say Libya?

Well, it’s been how many months of the combined forces of everyone short of Mauritania and they still haven’t knocked off the King of Hide and Seek, Ghaddafi.

Not that The Big O can be confused with Simpleton Ferg. When it comes to Sneaky Politics 101, he’s Professor Emeritus.

This is evidenced by his too-little-too-late announcement that Uncle Sam will use its United Nations’ Security Council veto to prevent acceptance of a Palestinian State.

Who is he kidding anyway; it was Obama’s failure to detour Mahmoud Abbas’ end run toward statehood at least ONE YEAR AGO.

What was the president waiting for anyhow; elephants swimming across the Potomac?

All The Big O -- as in Out Of It -- had to do was take a good hard look at the Arab’s qualifications for UN membership on any level short of latrine-cleaning.

Do the so-called Palestinians have a peaceful history?

They sure do -- if you overlook their pogroms against Jews in the 1920s and in the 1930s. And let’s not forget that in those times there were no so-called “occupied territories.”

They sure do -- if you overlook the fact that Abbas and a mentor named Arafat have forever been unwilling to accept a Jewish state of any kind.

Why would any -- non-Arab -- country endorse a Palestinian state since the Abbas-Arafat predecessors attacked Israel in 1948 and 1973 and have refused more than a half-dozen (Oslo, Camp David, et. al.) offers of peace pacts?

What’s happening at the UN defies credulity because no such patently-warlike group like the alleged Palestinians should even get a tumble, let alone an affirmative vote.

Then again, we’re dealing with a world body that traditionally kicks Israel in its groin and a presidential body that is composed of two parts; half-human, half-jellyfish.

Had Obama the slightest backbone he would have acknowledged the aforementioned, endless acts of Palestinian hostility and told Abbas & Company, “Shape up, or ship out!”

The Big O -- that’s O for odious -- would quickly have discerned that this Palestinian “state” would be comprised of half-Hamas and half PA. Once declared, Hamas would overrun the other half faster than you can say bang-bang.

Thus, the UN is looking at a Jew-hating group that indiscriminately hurls rockets and mortar shells at innocent Israelis and has new and advanced rockets to do so.

This state of lawlessness did not have to be but Obama’s skewed policy toward the Middle East’s only democracy has made it so.

Florida Republican Allen West put it best after listening to the president’s game-changing recognition of a Palestinian state existing along Israel’s pre-1967 borders.

“The president’s endorsement of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders signals the most egregious foreign policy decision he has made to date,” said West. “It would be a Pavlovian style reward to a declared Islamic terrorist organization and an unacceptable policy initiative.”

Just like the Obama who won’t lift a finger against Assad but couldn’t wait to maim Mubarak!

This policy is not constructed in China, it’s Made in the USA -- as in USELESS!

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