Saturday, September 3, 2011


By Simon Fischler

It is official, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has taken the meaning of chutzpuh to an all-time high. Consider the following facts:

After the calamitous Gaza Flotilla affair the Turkish government asked the United Nations to investigate Israel’s response that led to nine Turkish terrorists being killed on the ship, Marvi Marmara.

In requesting the probe Erdogan and the rest of the Turk government clearly assumed that the United Nations would do what it inevitably does vis-a-vis Israel -- condemn the only democracy in the Middle East.

Strike One against the Turks. The UN conducted a rather intense investigation.

Strike Two against the pompous Erdogan: all meaningful leaks suggested that the Turks would would wind up losers.

And now, Strike Three.

To Erdogan’s dismay, the UN uncovered too many facts in favor of the Israeli position not to mention her Internationally legal right to blockade Gaza.

Like Mahmoud Abbas, his best friend in Ramallah, Erdogan climbed a tree that was far and away too high for him.

Talk about chutzpuh, the Turkish leader demanded an apology, of all things, from Benjamin Netanyahu.

Not only did Erdogan not get an apology from Israel -- nor will he ever -- but now the UN has pointed the accusatory finger at Turkey. And if you’re wondering why, I’ll tell you in the most succinct terms.

Plain and simple, this is what happens when a power-hungry leader believes his braggadocio.

Caught with his political pants down, what does Erdogan do next?

In an obviously panic-move, he expels the Israeli ambassador and threatens to escort ships to Gaza; a Casus-beli if there was one.

If Turkey assumes that Israel will allow Erdogan’s Navy to escort ships to Gaza it will determine to its dismay how serious Israel takes protecting its sovereignty.

Historically, the UN has been one of the most biased anti-Israel international organizations throughout the years so there was no reason for Bibi to expect a break this time. Fortunately, however, the facts were so pro-Israel, the UN could not have ruled otherwise.

For the U.N. to release a report such as the Palmer Report that categorically places Israel in the right and Turkey in the wrong is a diplomatic victory for Netanyahu’s government and should be a clear signal to the rest of the civilized world.

Ah, but the question, how will Bibi deal with Turkey?

You don’t need 20-20 vision to see that any Turkish government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hostile to Israel and, furthermore, has emerged as an enemy.

Bibi must stop the coddling Turkey -- er -- Erdogan.

Israeli safety -- not to mention pride -- is on the line.

Netanyahu must treat Turkey for what it has become, a certified enemy. The Prime Minister should firm up its alliances with friends such as Greece, Cyprus,

Furthermore, Turkey’s enemies such as the Kurds must get full Israeli support just as Erdogan has become buddy-buddy with the gangsters of Hamas.

Bibi’s final move should be introducing a Knesset law recognizing the Turkish genocide against the Armenians which resulted in more than a million deaths.

IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT: This anti-Turk initiative must be coupled with the help of pro-Israel American organizations and politicians maybe even -- and I say this wistfully -- with the help of Barack Obama. (Hey, I can dream can’t I?)

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