Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hilary, Tony And Bill -- Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

By Schmoel Yitzhak

So here we are in the wake of Mahmoud Abbas' stunt before the United Nations and -- as the old tune goes -- "All The Cats Joined In."

Well, let's just deal with three of the cats named Dumb (Hilary Clinton), Dumber (Tony Blair) and Dumbest (Bill Clinton).

Now that the Arabs -- clothed in their phony name, "Palestinians" -- have bid for "statehood," you would think that the American Secretary of State would have the good sense to either keep her mouth shut or at least say something sensible on the subject of Middle East peace.

But what's the best she can do? Hilary is now calling upon the world to "pressure Israel and the Palestinians" into negotiations."

Doesn't this woman read the papers? Doesn't she watch television news? Pray, does she not know what the heck is going on around her?

For months, Benjamin Netanyahu has been agreeing to launch negotiations with Abbas, any time, anywhere -- including beautiful Downtown Ramallah. 

Isn't Mrs. Clinton aware that Abbas has been thwarting such conciliatory talks for a year with an assortment of pre-conditions? If she isn't aware, then she had better resign; some time in the next half-hour. And if she is aware -- she'd better be -- my suggestion is that she just plain SHUT UP on the subject, OR call out Abbas for the phony everybody both outside and inside the Arab Street knows that he is. 

Bibi doesn't need any "pressure" to conduct peace talks but the other guy does because he does not want them, no how; else why would be pull off the UN ploy?

Not to be outdone by Hilary, Smiling Tony had to get his two pounds into the discussion only to prove that this week, at least, he's a bit dumber than The Lady In Slacks Who Wants To Be President.

Blair's beef has to do with Israel's decision to add apartments to the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem. According to Tony, the idea of constructing new dwellings is a "provocative action."

Oh, really. And who, pray tell, is being "provoked" -- Abbas, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Muslim Brotherhood? 

Let them be upset. If finding dwellings for Jews in a Jerusalem neighborhood is "provocative," then let those Arabs be upset. 

As for Blair referring to Gilo as a "settlement," Bibi had the retort courteous -- otherwise known as the "Perfect Squelch" -- when he simply stated that Gilo is "a neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem, not a 'settlement.'"

One would be hard-pressed to find a politician capable of outdoing either Hilary or Smilin' Tony in The Stupid Department but The Con Man's Con Man, Bill Clinton, has easily taken the weekly (booby) prize. 

In his desperate attempt to keep pace with his wife in the Headline Derby, the disgraced president blamed Israel for the stalled state of negotiations. 

Was the man dreaming of Monica Lewinsky when he uttered his most recent falsehood or did some oil-rich Saudi prince slip a bundle under the Clinton Foundation table?

How else can one account for Bill so easily qualifying for his Dumbkopf  Of The Week plaque?

Let's get something straight; right here and now. There's not going to be any Arab-Israeli peace because the Arabs don't want it; just as they didn't from 1900 through 1939. And then -- as they supported Hitler's extermination program -- through World War II and thereafter.

Some people in the political analyst business get it but Clinton, Blair and Clinton just don't get it. On the other hand, Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor of The Australian, does get it.

"Israel," writes Sheridan, "cannot will a peace agreement into existence if there is not a partner on the other side both willing and able to make and enforce a peace agreement that provides for Israel's security. Plus, a failed peace agreement, or one not enforced, could gravely compromise Israel's security, in far more damaging ways than exist today."

Wake up, Hilary. Surely you are aware of the daily massacres going on in Syria yet you and your indolent president are doing virtually nothing to slum-dunk Assad. 

Tony; get your head out of the sand. You talk of "peace" while Abbas once again is conducting negotiations with Hamas, the notorious terrorist group which wants to fulfill the Yasser Arafat promise to "tip the Jews into the sea."

As for you, Bill, well, then again why should I even waste time over a guy who'll take a buck anywhere he can get it; even from an oil-stained sheik.

Peace. Negotiations. Compromise.

Who's kidding whom?

"You cannot have a lasting peace settlement," Sheridan concludes, "when Israel's neighbors are consumed with hatred for Jews and contempt for Israel as a political entity!"

Are Clinton-Blair-Clinton that obtuse that they think otherwise?

If so, they legitimately can be labelled The Three Stooges of International Politics -- Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!

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