Wednesday, September 14, 2011


By Simon Fischler

How do we judge a person to be good?

What characteristics make one an asset to his or her family, friends and community?

Being respectful to others, helping those around you, humility, acceptance of differing ideas and cultures, giving back to your community are hallmarks of good people.

Shouldn’t this also be the way we judge countries -- or, in this case, ethnic groups seeking statehood?

A nation that cares for its people, helps its neighbors, recognizes the dreams and cultures of its surrounding communities and recognizes the aspirations of its greatest enemy should be toasted with an ovation.

On the other hand, a nation or ethnic group that lets pride over-ride doing what is right; one that bullies and threatens to destroy its neighbor and rob it of self-determination should be condemned.

If we are to apply the positive values that we encourage law-abiding citizens to follow, likewise we must apply them to nations as well. In that case in the Palestinians surely do not deserve to be awarded a state.

Few groups suffer from a more notoriously tainted and egregiously racist history than the Palestinians.

These horrible facts underline my point.

The Arabs led be the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem sided with the Nazi’s in World War II.

Photos clearly show Haj Amin al-Husseini sitting with Adolf Hitler “helping” him design his Final Solution to the Jewish problem.

Taking its cue from The Mufti, Yassir Arafat’s Palestinian Authority invented what we now know as modern terrorism (hijacking planes, buses, boats and Olympians) for political-media attention.

Through it all there has been one consistent thread in Arab thinking: destroy the Jewish nation.To that end, the Palestinians have done nothing but bring hate and death to this world.

By contrast, Israel has considerably worked to help nations anywhere in the world and that includes former adversaries surrounding it.

Irrefutable is the fact that Israel is the only Middle East country where democracy lives and thrives. The Jewish state remains a pluralistic, liberal, functioning society that provides the greatest of freedoms to its citizens.

Significantly it happens to be the only nation in the Middle East granting complete religious freedom. That explains why the Bahai, Druze and other minority religions have thrived in Israel

In Palestinian lands, freedom is as extinct as the brontosaurus.

Which brings us to the potential triumph of stupidity, ill-logic and support of evil in a world organization hijacked by the Arabs and their bribe-worthy oil money.

That explains why the United Nations General Assembly appears ready to stamp approval for Palestinians who have done so much to harm peace in this world.

How can this miscarriage of justice reach such a level?

Well, for one thing, the UN has sunk to the subterranean depths of a deceptively devious bloc.

Specifically it’s all about oil money? Led by Saudi Arabian’s filthy-rich princes, the Arab petro-kings have relentlessly bought off many major American and European educational and policy-making institutions.

Columbia University is a painfully obvious example.

When Arab propagandists -- oil money will do that -- such as Jonathan Cole and Joseph Massad are retained on the Columbia faculty, one shouldn’t be surprised that Columbia students are lining up to have dinner with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Like Hitler, Mad Mahmoud wants to exterminate Jews. Hitler succeeded to a horrendous point and Ahmadinejad acknowledges that he’s hoping to finalize the Final Solution.

How Columbia can get away with so shocking a display of anti-semitism can only be explained by the fact that the once-revered center of higher education has been bought by Arab oil dough; no more, no less.

Further to the point, it’s astonishing to note that no American investigative body has bothered to probe Massad and his ties to Palestinian militant (many of them enemies of America) groups.

As for Cole, his anti-Israel outbursts betray the obvious; that his pockets have been lined by the oil Barons of Arabia under the guise of academic studies. Cole’s deportment suggested that he’s auditioning for a p.r. job under Mahmoud Abbas.

Massad, a watered-down Hamas operative, has turned “truth” into a dirty word by promoting anti-Semitism while turning his version of Middle-Eastern history into a collection of lies, a la his mentor, the late Edward Said.

If Cole is allowed to be both a provost and dean at now-degraded Columbia, we are in for some hideous academic times. It will reinforce the issue that the patently RACIST AND COLONIALIST policies of the ARAB OIL MACHINE will further contaminate American higher education.

Un-intimidated by “political correctness, a majority of Americans and Europeans citizens vehemently oppose a Palestinian State. They do this because they know that Palestinians intentions are ones of hate, racism and colonizing Israel with foreign Arabs.

Until we demand that academic factories rid themselves of the contemptible Coles and Massads the Arab oil machine will own our colleges. Therefore we cannot expect a world that will hold nations to the standards we demand of ourselves.

The time is NOW for us to demand that the United Nations membership should be based on the same positive values we demand in a law-abiding, free society.

Therefore, Jew-hating Palestinians should be given the old heave-ho before they enter the UN gates.

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