Thursday, November 15, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Today the 15th of November 2012 marks the second day of the Second Israeli operation against the Gaza strip in four years. 

Yesterday the Israeli government ordered the just and lawful assassination of Ahmed Jabari, Hamas arch terrorist and Chief of Staff of Izz ad-Din al Qassam Brigades.

As was to be expected Hamas immediately unleashed more than 100 rockets on the citizens of Israel’s south. 

Just to point out a fact to all of Israel’s detractors, the United Nations included, what Israel did by targeting a war criminal and terrorist is legal under international law and the Geneva Convention; what Hamas is doing by intentionally firing rockets into Israeli civilian centers is a war crime! 

Luckily for the center of Israel that means mainly Tel Aviv, the home-base of Meretz and the Israeli, antiwar, peace movement, the IAF managed to wipe out the majority of Hamas’ Fajr 1 rockets in its leading bombardment of the Gaza Strip. 

For the south of the country the same cannot be said. 

While the Iron Dome Missile system is doing an admirable job it is not perfect and those who live in the south will have to withstand the brutality and criminality of Sunni Islam’s fascism, symbolized by the Qassam and Grad rockets falling on the south of Israel! 

So, why has the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Forces chosen this time to finally stand up to an ever emboldened Hamas? 

In the year 2012 alone there have been more than 712 rockets launched against the south of Israel. This has given Israel and the IDF countless reasons and opportunities to engage Hamas for committing crimes against humanity by intentionally firing rockets into Israeli civilian centers!

Can you imagine the American reaction if Cuba shot more than 712 rockets into Miami Beach, or Mexico into Texas, or Canada into Seattle or New York?

Hamas has been getting away with murder largely do to the American presidential election. With the American government dealing with enough problems in the middle-east thanks to the Syrian civil war, Israel wanted to cause as little pain to both candidates vying for the White House as possible. Thus Israel restrained itself and Hamas started to believe its own rhetoric! 

Another request from the Americans that cannot be overlooked and emboldened Hamas was Israel being asked to take in Hamas rockets so as to give the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt a chance to prove themselves worthy of governing! 

If there was any doubts of the death of the Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel, they should be erased! 

Now that both the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood and the Morsi government condemned Israel for daring to defend its citizens against Hamas rocketry they have betrayed their intent and cancelled anything worthy of the piece of paper the Camp David accords were written on! 

Hence the reason the operation commenced yesterday. 

The assassination of Hamas and Egyptian Prince Ahmed Jabari was as much a message to Egypt as it was to Hamas. 

This message was very clear and simple. 

A-Israel will not tolerate Egypt sitting behind a phony peace treaty while encouraging Hamas to allow rocket firing into Israel’s south! 

B-As long as rockets continue to be shot into the Israeli south all options are legally on the table! That means the Hamas leadership should make a phone call to Sheik Hassan Nashrallah and ask him who built the bunker he never comes out of, because they are now officially marked men! 

Today three Israelis were killed in the Southern City of Kiryat Malachi when a Grad rocket made a direct hit on their apartment. 

As we all knew the Iron Dome antimissile system is not the answer to Gaza. 

There is only one answer. 

The IDF must finish what was started in 2008! Hamas and the citizens of Gaza must pay a price that is so heavy that the firing of rockets against Israel will be stopped at all costs! 

This message must be made loud and clear first to Egypt, Hamas and all the new Muslim Brotherhood governments who have come into power with the tacit help and under the watch of United States President Barak Obama. 

Furthermore this message must be made clear to Hezbollah and Iran! 

Israel has the capability and will use that capability to destroy its enemies who are seeking to harm Israeli citizens, the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Nation State! 

When this is war is over, Israel must stop supplying Gaza with Electricity, Water and food supplies. It must be made clear to the Arab world that GAZA IS NO LONGER ISRAEL’S PROBLEM! The job of caring for Gaza must be handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt! 

This also means that if Israeli citizens are harmed from rocket fire emanating from the Gaza Strip it will be the whole Arab worlds responsibility and they will all feel the repercussions and pay the price! 

I hope that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak have the fortitude to see this operation through until the end. I know that the citizens of Israel’s south and the majority of the Israeli population are backing them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! 

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