Saturday, November 17, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

First the Arabs bomb Israel with hundreds of rockets and then they do what they do best -- apart from trying to kill Jews -- they bawl. 

That's bawl as in weeping or shedding crocodile tears.

And what, pray tell, are the Muslims crying about?

Well, well, well. They're upset that Israel is not turning its other cheek as a record amount of rocketry has been hurled at the Middle East's only real democracy.

Throughout the Islamic world, they are hissing and moaning because Israel is hitting back.

The way the Arab mind works is something like this: We can kill Israeli's with impunity and Alah forbid that the Jews try to defend themselves.

From Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah to the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo the wailing against Israel is all the same; the Jews are at fault. Why don't they just let our Arab brethren kill them without any retaliation from the Jews?

Yes, that's the Muslim mind and naturally the usual suspects have climbed on their soap boxes to decry the Israeli counterattack.

In Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan is railing against the Israelis; ditto for Nasrallah wherever he happens to be hiding in Lebanon these days and so on down the line throughout the utterly failed Arab Spring.

Naturally, the do-nothings at the United Nations are uttering their tiresome homilies which would be laughable had they not be so obnoxious.

We're told that the UN Secretary General is upset over what's going on in Gaza and has dispatched a missive that asserts, "Israel must exercise maximum restraint."

How about that? And why in the world should Benjamin Netanyahu exercise "maximum restraint" when the UN did absolutely nothing about the incessant rocket barrages launched by Hamas over the past several months. 

"Maximum restraint" is what the Arabs want because that will enable them to retain the status quo which in turn will enable them to continue the intimidation of Israel by blitz from the air.

Sorry, Mahmoud but absolutely no concessions should be made to you Arabs. There should be maximum IDF assault rather than restraint.

The Arab mind only respects force; concessions are only interpreted as weakness. This has been proven over centuries not months, years or decades.

Ariel Sharon gave Gaza away to the Islamists mistakenly believing that it would result in peace along the border. In his dotage the then Prime Minister committed one of the most egregious political sins in Israeli history. His peace-seeking gesture eventually resulted in the Hamas takeover, its militaristic buildup and the rise in rocket-making to intolerable levels. 

Unfortunately, Operation Cast Lead was halted before it achieved its goal which should have been the removal of Hamas from Gaza as well as a demilitarized Strip; and nothing less.

But, typically Uncle Sam and his naive peace-seekers halted the Israeli assault before the necessary goals were achieved. Bibi must not let that happen again. 

What's interesting is that the relatively small Gaza death toll -- thanks to the IDF's surgical air strikes -- that arouse world-wide condemnation actually is minor when compared to the outrageous massacres -- Arab vs. Arab -- that have continued for months throughout Syria. 

Sorry, but maximum restraint no longer is a viable option for Israel now that Hamas is firing rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Hamas & Co. proved long ago that it wants to kill as many Jews as possible in Israel -- while the Jews do nothing or excercise maximum restraint.

That's why the Arabs are crying about the IDF's most serious operation and, furthermore, why maximum attacks -- not restraint -- must be Israel's order of the day until the Arab terrorists are once and for all vanquished.

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