Sunday, November 18, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The Iron Domes are working; as much as the precious few can work.

Plus, the Israeli Air Force continues to pound as many rocket-firing Gaza sites hidden in civilian homes as is possible.

What's more the IDF is now singling out Hamas' headquarters as worthy of attack from the air.

Thus, The Law of Averages is beginning to work against the Arab terrorists.

No question that Hamas & Co. will continue to fire away but, likewise, in due time the IDF will locate many of the rocket locations and eliminate enough to diminish their effectiveness.

Gaza's assortment of bloodthirsty organizations are fully aware of this law of diminishing returns and that explains the Arab's umpteenth attempt at securing a "truce."

I put "truce" in quotes because there are two definitions; the one in English: armistice; and the Arab version which can best be defined as we're taking a  beating now so let's all take a break until we can re-arm and resume killing as many Israelis as possible.

This has been the typical Arab modus operandi . On the one hand it allows them to shun peace with Israel and on the other it gives them a respite so that they eventually can renew their ultimate aim: eliminating as many Jews as possible.

All of which explains why several Arab leaders are hastily convening to urge Egypt to broker a truce with Israel.

Alas, there's only one thing wrong with that;' the Egyptians are in the enemy (Hamas) camp and the Muslim Brotherhood has made that evident ever since Israel began its serious retaliation against the random rocketry that has extended as far as Jerusalem (the holy city the Palestinians supposedly love so much) and Tel Aviv.

Of course the Arabs want a cease fire. Why wouldn't they? One of their most bloodthirsty military leaders already has been dispatched and if any of the other Hamas or Islamic Jihad nut cases show their faces within Israeli gun range they, too, will be sent to the Muslim Virgin Paradise. 

Now this is where Benjamin Netanyahu must be both firm and careful. Whatever form the Israeli operation takes in the next days, it must not  be braked; not by Uncle Sam, not by the European Union and certainly not by any convention of Arab leaders bent on limiting the damage to Hamas.

And if this Arab delegation does come forward and pleads with Barack Obama -- beware of his moves in the days ahead -- to intervene on behalf of Hamas, just re-direct that delegation to Damascus with this message: TAKE CARE OF THE SYRIAN BLOODSHED FIRST AND THEN WE'LL SIT DOWN AND TALK!

There now must be a clearcut objective to the Hamas neutralization and it can be simplified in one word demilitarization. 

When this lousy war is over Israelis from Sderot to The Golan must rest assured that they no longer have to fear the wailing of air raid sirens nor assaults from the Kassams, Grads and other missiles that Hamas has stockpiled -- with an Egyptian encouraging wink of an eye -- over the years.

This cannot be like knee-jerk truces of yesteryear that enabled the Jew-hating enemy to replenish its killing machines and then swing into action whenever murder is on their mind.

Hopefully, Bibi is steeling himself for the diplomatic battle that inevitably will erupt likely sooner rather than later. 

History has vividly demonstrated to Israelis the dangers of a premature "truce."

The threat, of course, is that in the Arab mind a "truce" is merely a figment of their imagination. With Hamas there's no such thing as an armistice but rather another call to arms!

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