Monday, November 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Diplomacy is the key. The diplomatic victory Israel has attained during Operation Pillar of Defense is almost astonishing.
Israel has been at war with Hamas for six days. The Israeli Air Force has been attacking the Gaza Strip with such precision that less than 100 hundred Palestinians -- terrorists and civilians -- of Gaza have been killed 
This is a near-miracle, because the Gaza Strip is the most densely crowded piece of real estate in the world.
Never before has Israel enjoyed the support, not just of America, but all the European Union, a day after it has been forced into a war of defense. Even more astounding, she is now enjoying that support six days into this war! 
Not enough has been said of this, especially in the Israeli media.
The effectiveness of the Iron Dome anti-rocket system combined with the precision of the IAF in destroying the majority of the long-range rockets (Fajr-5’s made in Iran) have befuddled the Gaza Terror leadership.
Monday in Cairo, Egypt, Khaled Mashal, political head honcho of Hamas admitted that Hamas had no real answer to the Iron Dome or the IAF and wanted to avoid an IDF land invasion of the Gaza Strip.
Thats is called victory, especially when dealing with Jihadists! 
The biggest problem facing Hamas is Iranian controlled Islamic Jihad. A cease-fire would have been in effect on the part of Hamas if Iran weren’t pushing Islamic Jihad to thwart it! 
The question is: can Israel or should Israel at this time agree to the conditions of a cease-fire that have been laid down? 
There is one condition Hamas wants that is beneficial to Israel: handing responsibility of Gaza, i.e. electricity, gas and food, over to Egypt! 
This must be a point of Israel made to both the United States of America and Egypt. Gaza is now officially the problem of Egypt!
Since the Egyptians took a completely biased stance in the beginning of this war in favor of Hamas, they cannot escape this. The second they sent their Prime Minister to aid Hamas, allowing them to fire rockets into Israeli territory and cities, that jeopardized the safety of both Israeli citizens and the Prime Minister of Egypt, they assumed full responsibility for Gaza! 
Second if Hamas, Turkey, Egypt and certain other countries that exist outside of the FREE and DEMOCRATIC world wish to make audacious and outlandish comments, so too can Israel.
Just to up the pressure and make some diplomatic waves, it is time for Israel  to behave a bit more like her uncivilized enemies.  
So when there is media and diplomatic talk about how the people of Gaza live without sirens, protected rooms and the Iron Dome system, diplomacy gets dropped. 
If diplomats and media organizations even dare to bring this up, it needs to be made clear that it is not Israel’s fault that Hamas and the Palestinians of Gaza chose death, violence and war over peace, when Israel HANDED ALL OF GAZA OVER TO ARAB LEADERSHIP! 
Even when Operation Pillar of Defense is finished, it needs to be made clear that Israel is not responsible if Hamas chooses to buy rockets over feeding its people, building industry and protecting the citizens of Gaza by not choosing war!
It is also absolutely imperative for Israel to use its political victory to educate the West – and the rest of the Arab world. Israel must point out -- loudly and clearly -- that in six days of fighting an enemy which ruthlessly shot hundreds of rockets into Israeli civilian centers, the IDF and IAF killed fewer innocent civilians than the Assad government does in ONE DAY in Syria; or that the Erdogan government of Turkey has done in ONE DAY to the Kurds of what should be a FREE KURDISTAN!

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