Wednesday, November 28, 2012


By Sig Demling

Day by day, you can bet that a few events will continually take place.

1. Iran will move closer to developing a bomb reportedly more potent than the one Uncle Sam dropped on Hiroshima.

2. The next Syrian massacre perpetrated by the Assad regime will be more horror-filled than the last one.

3. The Arab Spring will prove to be a parody of itself. 

4. Egypt President Mohamed Morsi will personally turn himself into the next Pharaoh.

5.  Barack Obama will do what he does best -- star-gazing. Then the Chief Executive will do what he does second-best. Nothing.

While the United Nations consumes itself with the Abbas' illogical, illegal attempt at "Palestinian" legitimacy, the UN continues to develop news forms of procrastination when it comes to halting the very, very grave Iranian threat.

As a matter of fact, each day in every way the UN is proving to be more irrelevant than its predecessor, the League of Nations.

Meanwhile, Syria continues spiraling out of control while Obama, the European Union, the Arab League regard Damascus' spilled blood as if that red stuff is nothing more dangerous than Heinz Ketchup.

The Arab Spring, ignited in Tunisia, flamed into prominence when The White House impetuously chose to help oust Mubarak on very specious grounds. It was one of Obama's most egregious errors and paved the way for a hate-America, kill-Israel regime that remains only slightly less hostile because Morsi knows that if he gets even more crazy, his American $$$$upport will fly out the window. 

Don't expect any significant peaceful improvement in the Middle East as Hillary Clinton leaves the State Department, an abject failure in every aspect of her job and that includes the phony Hamas-Israeli "truce" imposed on the Jewish State just as it was preparing to wipe the terrorist state right off the map.

And what, may I ask, is the point of a "truce" while Hamas remains dedicated to wiping Israel -- and all Jews if possible -- off the map while all Israel wants is peace and quiet? 

The point, of course, is that the Gaza gang is pulling off yet another hudna, which is Arabic for buying time while its wounds heal so that it can attack the Jews once more. 

If that isn't the joke of all political jokes, there's Mister Morsi as the acclaimed "truce-broker" while becoming Egyptian dictator. That is, providing that he can somehow flush the dissident thousands off the protesting streets of Cairo, Alexandria, et. al. 

Some "truce." One day an Arab breaks through the border fence into Israel, enters a home and stabs an Israeli woman.

A day later another group from Gaza attempts to destroy the fence and is rebuffed only by the appearance of Israeli troops.

What's truly appalling is the attention afforded irrelevant moves such as the Abbas UN gambit while Iran boasts of its growing militancy, unafraid of any meaningful resistance from the West.

Militant Islam is winning big-time; its only buffer is Israel.

Forget about the UN, the EU and the re-elected pacifier in the White House!

Apart from the Jewish State, the entire Mideast is spiraling out of control.

Even worse, a Islam-extinguisher cannot be found in the White House, Number Ten Downing Street; likely nowhere except in Jerusalem!

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