Saturday, December 1, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

For the next three years we'll be hearing denials from Hillary Clinton that she's going to run for president in 2016.

The only ones who should believe her are passengers on the next incoming flight from Mars. Certainly neither American voters nor even Benjamin Netanyahu should take Hillary seriously these days.

Now that Mrs. Clinton soon will vacate her Secretary of State chair she's attempting to exit in a blaze of glory -- except that it more looks like a blaze of gory. (Has The Missus dropped over to shell-shocked Damascus, lately? Or, perhaps formerly beautiful Downtown all-but destroyed Aleppo?)

Within hours after taking credit for the Egypt-Morsi farcical "truce," Mrs. Clinton could see in her rear view mirror how Morsi went from president to instant pharoah. Any doubts about that are removed simply by talking to anyone in Cairo who does not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi Mayhem is a product of Barack Obama's impetuous kick-booting of Hosni Mubarak and the current administration's Morsi-coddling. That will continue in the White House until Morsi starts mowing down his secular foes; but only after checking out his Syrian cram course,  "Assad 101."

By the time Mrs. Clinton begins her presidential campaigning the Slaughter of Syria will be ancient history and another one of Uncle Sam's uninformed Secretaries of State will have further bungled Middle East diplomacy. (And let's not forget that, under the Republicans, Condoleeza Rice was a disaster for Israel. Big-time!)

Now that Hillary has beat it out of Cairo -- just in time -- by he way -- she's betraying the fact that she's learned -- no doubt from hubby, Bill -- how to speak "Middle East-ese" with a forked tongue.

FORKED TONGUE EXHIBIT A: Mrs. Clinton reiterated over the weekend that the administration "has Israel's back." (That, by the way, is the non-creative repetition of her boss' theme when addressing Jewish groups in America.)

FORKED TONGUE EXHIBIT B; No sooner had she massaged Bibi's back, Clinton employed the other -- Arab-leaning -- fork on her tongue. Instead of staying with her pro-Israel theme -- usually with Hil it has a shelf life of an hour -- she then called on Israel "to embrace moderate Palestinians, negotiations."

Now if The Missus can find a good archaeologist and somehow dig up a "moderate" Arab leader in Ramallah that would prove to be the find of the decade.

Unless the term "moderate" in Gaza or the West bank suddenly is synonymous with terrorist, Lady Clinton knows darn well that the only Palestinian moderate between Gaza City and Jenin is either dead, muted or in hiding.

Or was Hil's pretty, little head buried in Sahara sand while Israel's Prime Minister tried every which way to lure PA leaders to the negotiating table only to be rebuffed-to-the-radical-50. 

While Bibi tried and tried again, Mahmoud Abbas endlessly proved that his list of "conditions" grew every time Netanyahu said, "Okay, let's talk." And when Abbas demanded an Israeli construction moratorium as a condition for talks, the Arab got it and the Jew was left waiting months for the PA reply which, of course, never came.

If The Missus had any sense of justice, Clinton would not have called on Israel to make any concessions to Abbas until he recognized Israel as The Jewish State. 

Assuming that Hillary is serious about "progress toward Middle East peace," she first should address the group that has blocked such an advance. Ergo: the Arabs. Try Hezbollah. Try Hamas. You could even try Iran(albeit they are not Arabs).

If the Secretary of State was serious about any peace progress, she should have consulted a useful booklet published by the Brooklyn-based Bnai Elim group, which knows the score, and that is that the Arabs want no peace; not now, not later or, until all the Jews have gone bye-bye.

"Arab attacks on the Jewish homeland began well before 1967," Bnai Elim notes. "There were pogroms in the 1920s and in the 1930s. At those times there were no so-called 'occupied territories.' There was not even a State of Israel."

How can Hilary be anything but sorrowfully hilarious when she overlooks the fact that Abbas has ignored the Oslo Accords; or that his mentor, Arafat, followed the Oslo "truce" with a bloody Intifada.

Or that Abbas has been delivering an endlessly hostile series of lies about Israel's right to its land; falsehoods so blatant that you'd think he was a latter-day version of Joseph Goebbels.

Let's not forget that the Nazi propaganda minister once said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

It's hard to believe but Abbas actually is out-Joseph-ing Goebbels. 

And, The Missus, obtuse as she is, has come to believe the Arab!

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