Wednesday, December 5, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
It is time for the Israeli political establishment to wake up, from left to right!
There is no peace with the Arabs; there never has been and never will be! 
The Palestinians are an invented national movement, created primarily to destroy Jewish historical rights and Jewish self-determination.
The Palestinian National Movement was spawned from the flames of fascism and anti-Semitism. 
The single purpose of this movement was – and is -- NOT the establishment of a Palestinian state, but the prevention (as in 1948, 1967, 1973, etc., etc.) of the establishment and/or the destruction of Israel the Jewish Nation State. 
It is high time for all Israelis to realize that not only is it not possible to make peace with an enemy who exists only only to destroy you, but it is essential that Israelis finally face the terrible truth that the whole bloody world basically does not like Israel. 
Although many will attempt to rationalize that this is not true, but that Israel is merely being judged a “bad guy”  because of West Bank settlements or building homes for Jews in Jerusalem. 
The simple truth is that the world is  -- and has always been -- anti-Semitic. The settlements, the alleged occupation or even the accusations of being an apartheid state are merely used as justifications for venting latent, simmering anti-Semitism. 
No other nation in this world has stayed together ethnically and culturally like Israel and the Jews. 
The nation Israel has accomplished this from antiquity in the face of constant attempts by world powers to destroy her. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Arabia, Islam, European Crusaders -- all have attempted to erase and/or disperse the history and nation of Israel from the world map. 
Yet, Israel remains ... and will.  
There is only one thing the Jewish Nation can do if it wants to continue, to survive: we must fight our enemies with vengeance., 
It is time to tell world powers that since they have attempted to destroy the Jewish Nation since antiquity, she is prepared to use all means necessary to protect the nation state. 
We must have leaders ready to step up to the United Nations podium and toss diplomacy into the wind.
We need these leaders to be ready to pay the diplomatic price of PROTECTING ISRAEL.
England wants to recall its ambassador? Fine; they must be made aware in every media outlet the world over that England has no right to tell Israel where it can build homes, especially in Jerusalem.
England has never repented for the war crimes it committed against the budding Israeli State during its War of Independence. 
Nor should England dictate anything to Israel until it leaves the Falkland Islands and surrenders complete freedom to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.   
Our new diplomats need to tell the French and Spanish that they, too, have nothing to say to us if we decide to build homes for Jews in Jerusalem; especially not while the Basques are still occupied and fighting for their freedom! 
Israel must also open up the target bank! But what does this mean? 
Simply it means that if someone is actively fighting against Israel, whether it be as terrorists or as activists attempting to delegitimize Israel, it is open season on them! 
When it comes to the International Solidarity Movement and the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, they need to be taken out immediately. 
They are more dangerous than Hamas and Hezbollah! They need to fear, they need to know that if they attempt to hurt the Jewish Nation they will pay for it. Their activists need to be hunted down as actively and as adamantly as those of Hamas and Hezbollah are. 
ISRAEL MUST MAKE THE WORLD KNOW THAT IT IS SERIOUS ABOUT INTERNET TERRORISM! It is fabulous that we can install Stutnex into the Iranian computer systems, but it is not acceptable that Israel has not yet taken down ANONYMOUS and brought down the networks and sites of our other enemies, specifically Hezbollah, Hamas, the I.S.M and the B.D.S.
And what should the ultimatum of Israel be? 
“We will no longer play by the rules we once employed. If you stand against Israel, WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!


  1. Steady on Simon. I agree with most of what you say, but your language is bordering on fanatical at times.

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