Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Sig Demling

It is evident -- judging by events of the past few weeks -- that what once might have been considered a double-standard regarding Israel and the international community -- is now a triple-standard.

Here's how it works: 

1. No matter how many pacts -- such as the Oslo Accords -- that the Arabs blatantly ignore, the so-called Palestinians receive a "bye" from the rest of the world leaders.

2. Any reasonable Israeli move, as in simply building housing for its citizens, instantly draws a furious rebuke from the man who likes to say that he "has Israel's back," Barack Obama.

3. While the Arabs in Syria massacre each other -- now in thousands of dead -- these acts have yet to produce the kind of intensive scorn that Benjamin Netanyahu has for his home-building program.

In other words constructing habitation for Jews is treated as a crime as heinous as mowing down Syrian after Syrian.

What has emerged as obvious as the sun rising in the East is the blatant anti-semitism that has gone public in Great Britain, France and other members of the European Union.

Should we be surprised? Of course not. England has been a haven for Jew-hating as far back as anyone can remember.

France -- anyone remember The Dreyfuss Affair? -- was as much a Holocaust-provider as Nazi Germany. And in some roundups of Jews, even worse.

Mahmoud Abbas has benefitted from such support because his Arab buddies have the oil; hence the dough; hence the clout. 

In the manner that Arab oil dough can buy American university chairs, that same Saudi Arabian money can purchase United Nations votes not to mention a nod from Uncle Sam. 

How dare Abbas condemn Israeli home-building when he demanded a construction moratorium as the price for peace talks with Israel? He obtained the moratorium from Bibi but never showed up for the talks.

Has the European Union forgot about the Arabs who signed the Oslo Accords and now disregard them? Has Obama suffered amnesia since Israel's Prime Minister -- against the wishes from many in his party -- granted the construction moratorium that got nothing but a rebuff from the Palestinians?

What's the real story? Freddy Eitan, director of the Israel-Europe Project at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has the answer.

"Three decades have passed of hearing the same old tune (about Israeli settlements), the same story with the same preaching of morality," writes Eitan in Israel Hayom. "And yet despite this, there are still countries in Europe like Britain and France, who control territories across the ocean that are thousands of miles away from their own capitals."

We know the truth and it's all about oil and the Muslims taking over many European countries including Sweden, France, England, et. al. Each of these European nations -- so quick to condemn the only sane democratic state in the Middle East -- is fearful of militant Islam and the terrorist attacks that have been part of the Arab modus operandi. Face it, the Europeans have been cowed by the Arabs.

Oil and terrorism work hand in glove as Islamic policy. The Europeans capitulate to the dictates of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among other countries which loathe Israel, because England, France and cohorts need oil. To them, morality -- friendship with Israel -- is trumped by gas.

That in a nutshell explains the Triple Standard.

Eitan: "When the Palestinians make a unilateral decision, as they did at the U.N. General Assembly, their initiative is seen as legitimate and is welcomed. But when the Jewish State builds new apartments in Jerusalem, its capital, or in a 'disputed' area, European condemnation is never long to follow. 

"They become irate and in their anger they threaten us. Lord have mercy, with recalling their ambassadors and with more severe sanctions. Is this logic not twisted? Isn't this hypocritical?. Doesn't it display a  basic lack of understanding about what is happening on a daily basis on the ground?"

Of course it does.

But when Israel is dealing with a Triple Standard against it, there's not much  Bibi can do but fight back by standing by Israel's principles and needs!

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