Wednesday, December 26, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Anti-Semitism is possibly the oldest form of Racism this world knows.

From the Greco-Roman world until today almost every generation in the line of humankind has hated the Jews.

Anti-Semites will tell you that they must be right about the Jews; after all so many people for so many generations have hated and attempted to destroy the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish Nation.

On the other hand, White Europeans and Arab Semites used to think Black Africans were sub-human and therefore it was acceptable to sell them like animals. 

Remember, a majority of people also used to think the world was flat.

My point is simple: anti-Semitism has been around since humans have been writing their own history. 

It’s an insidious disease infecting much of the human race, although concentrated in Europe, the American South (with pockets in the West and Midwest), all majority-Arab/Muslim countries (including those on the African continent) and Muslim Asia.

The acute irony – no, tragedy – is that anti-Semitism is almost completely a product of the two faiths which have developed from Judaism, and are, in effect, its children: Christianity and Islam.

Sadly, after an all-too-brief period of being politically incorrect, anti-Semitism is on a rapid rise the world over. 

This ugly monster is alive and thriving again in Europe, where less then a century ago SIX MILLION JEWS were killed in the Shoah.

White Europe has always had a problem with the Jewish Nation. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans created what we know as anti-Semitism today, because we stubborn Jews refused their sophisticated cultures. 

To them we were a backwards people, believing in this ridiculous one G-d. we were to be laughed at and despised for our ignorance.

Today’s anti-Semitism has taken a new form and its main target is the Jewish Nation State, Israel.

The anti-Semites of the world spent many hundreds of years attempting to destroy us because we were the Nation that killed Jesus.

 Now they have decided we are not a nation and therefor do not deserve self-determination.

And despite all the genetic tests and DNA tests that point to the fact Jews are a distinct people who share similar genetics, still todays anti-Semites would like too take that away from us, ignoring the truths of history.

Fact: The Jewish Nation and Jewish Law governed over the land of Israel long before there were Arabs here, before Mohammad was born and before anything called Islam existed.

Fact: the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron was built by the JEWISH King Herod, and is the only fully intact Herodian structure.

Fact: what is called the Al Aksa Mosque was built on the TEMPLE MOUNT, an act of desecration carried out by Colonialist Arab Muslims.

Littered all over the Land of Israel are archaeological sites of HEBREW, ISRAELITE and JEWISH history.

The JEWISH province of JUDEA (Where the name JEW comes from), with its capital of JERUSALEM (Note, Jerusalem is a Hebrew word) was a prominent Roman client state until the final revolt and destruction of the Temple -- long before the were was a name Palestine or a people called Palestinian!

Yet somehow the Jewish Nation does not deserve to have self-determination in its historical homeland? 

That type of thinking only lives in the mind of an ANTI-SEMITE!

Broadcasting the fact above is the first step in reversing the delegitimization of Israel. It is time for Israeli diplomats to call the one sided pro-Arab politics of Europe and the United Nations what it is, Anti-Semitism! 

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