Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Egypt is burning again. 

Lebanon is heading in the direction of its master next door Syria, that is civil war! 

Now, Baby Assad and the rest of his cancerous regime are arming or at least preparing to arm missiles with chemical weapons. 

AMERICA, do think your president still lacks time for Israel? 

Which country exactly do think will be able to remove this threat immediately? 

Will you America? NO! 

The European Union? Yeah right! 

How about Turkey? NO! 

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan? Impossible for them! 

Maybe Cyprus? Just kidding!

Nope, as always there is only one country that can handle this job. 

There is only one country that has tediously gathered the precise information and has prepared numerous scenarios to get this job done right. 

There is only one country that can spare the Syrian people, Turkey and the world the sight of chemical weapons being used against civilians on a massive scale in the 21 st. century! 

This is the same country that thankfully destroyed the Al-Kabir nuclear reactor depriving the Fascist, Syrian regime nuclear weapons. This country is ISRAEL!

Soon the United Nations, The Arab League and all the European Union countries that voted for the acceptance of Palestine as a Non-Member Observer state , will be regretting that move! 

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