Tuesday, December 11, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Depending on your sense of humor, there are a lot of funny people in and out of the world of politics.

And when it comes to the Arabs and the United Nations, there is some humor there, too. 

You know the story, Arabs come to the UN; they've got all the oil money; they bribe enough European and Third World Countries and they get their foot in the corrupt door on First Avenue, Manhattan. 

Really, there's a joke there and it starts with the fact that Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas want to create a country called Palestine.

Trouble is, those who know history realize that  "Palestine" has been associated with Jews since the Earth had crust. 

Some people with brains and a sense of the past are offended that Arabs are annexing the term Palestine and want to create a country with that name. 

Among the folks who are amused over that is the comedian Dennis Miller. 

"They (the Arabs) want their own country?" wonders Miller. "Well, they could have had their own country. Remember Camp David? What the Arabs really want is a big pile of dead Jews and mostly Israel."

That, essentially, is what other Arab propagandists mean when they rail about a country that they're not going to get because it's really Judea and Samaria and it's going to stay that way. 

Like so many other friends of Israel, the comic Miller is offended at the thought of Arabs expropriating the name Palestine or, as it were, "Palestinians." 

Miller sagely notes that Gaza once was part of Egypt and that the West Bank belonged to Jordan or Trans-Jordan as the British once named it after World War I. 

"There are no 'Palestinians,'" explains Miller. "it's a made-up word."

Well, if it is -- and you bet it is -- a made-up word, the question then has to be answered: what can these Arabs with evil designs on the West Bank recalled be called? 

Miller: "They really should be known as 'Other Arabs Who Can't Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death.'" 


Nah, that's 'way, 'way too long. Can't use that.

"Okay," Miller concludes, "we'll call them 'Ancient Jew Haters!'" 

Which precisely identifies Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas and Nabil Shaath whose primarily life's goal is dedicated to the erasure of Israel.

Feeling his oats these days, Abbas is talking about resuming peace talks with Benjamin Netanyahu. Needless to say the Arab would come armed with so many pre-conditions that it would be tantamount to having Israel's Prime Minister tie his shoelaces with both arms tied behind his back. 

All of which means that Israel must confront the political reality head-on. As Israeli statesman and former ambassador Dore Gold points out, Israel's challenge demands a diplomatic change; forget about trying to make negotiations with the Arabs work.

"If in the past," Gold writes in Israel Hayom, "there has been an Israeli reluctance to spell out explicitly what Israel's territorial requirements for its security are, that all will now have to change."

Those such as the Brits and French, who have blatantly turned their backs on Israel, will have to understand the facts on the ground; not only in Judea and Samaria but in London, Paris, Stockholm, Malmo and other European cities infested with militant Islamics. 

Speaking of those holier than thou European Union politicians, Dror Eydar puts them right in their place with an excellent commentary, also in Israel Hayom:  "You (EU critics of Israel) presume to try to solve the conflict between us and the Muslim world," asserts Eydar, "but you can't even deal with the Muslim occupation of your own cities."

And anyone who has visited those cities can attest to the degeneration that has taken place since the Islamists arrived. What the Arabs have contributed to these countries which mistakenly welcomed them is equal to zero.

"They like to brag about their great history and culture," concludes Miller. "Well, the Arabs haven't given anything to the world since algebra."

Then, a pause: "And thanks a lot for that!"

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