Thursday, November 15, 2012


By Sig Demling

Precisely how intense the double-crossing of Israel will be in the next week remains to be seen but this much is certain; it's happening already.

For starters, all you have to do is look at the lead paragraph in the lead story of the Islam-loving New York Times.

A quick read would lead you to believe that Israel has been dispatching thousands of rockets into Gaza although the vice has been versa.

What's more, you would think that it is Israel which has virtually eliminated its peace treaty with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rather than the other way around.

In less than four paragraphs the Times made it seem as if Israel is the killer country, forgetting about Syria and Hamas among other bloody Arab Springsters.

Here's how the alleged newspaper of record noted the events in its lead:

The Hamas' blitz merely is passed off as "persistent Palestinian rocket fire." The term "persistent" broadly suggests that the rockets are relatively harmless and arrive just once in a while.

The Times goes on to warn that Israel's counter-attack has "damaged Israel's fragile relations with Eygpt." Apparently its editorial board has overlooked the fact that ever since the Muslim Brotherhood annexed Egypt, the country that once had at least a reasonable relationship with Israel has turned downright hostile. Egypt and Hamas are allies. Each shares the same purpose; annihilate Israel. 'Nuff said.

Finally -- and this is in the same lead paragraph -- the Times asserts that Israel "escalated the risks of a new war in the Middle East." 

Hmmm. Has theTimes forgotten that Iran has been threatening a war against Israel for years; intensifying its goal to wipe the Jewish State off the map month by month? 

Speaking of the double-cross, how about the one-two effect; the Muslim president Obama gets re-elected and a couple of days later the Hamas' record-breaking rocket assault begins. 

Coincidence? Hardly.

The Arab world has been hoping, praying, that the White House appeasement leaders would remain in power. They got their wish in spades.

Forget about Obama's hollow "I have Israel's back" proclamation. While rockets hurtle down on Israel and Iran ratchets up his anti-Zionist threats, the president continues to encourage "dialogue" with Iran. Dialogue with killers; just like Neville Chamberlain's "dialogue" with Hitler at Munich.

When will Obama wise up?

Every day in every way the mullahs discuss ways and means for crippling America along with Israel, while Obama does everything possible to cozy up to his -- and Israel's -- tormentors.

Most important from here to the end of Israel's counter-offensive will be the White House's handling of the Gaza threat. If Obama fails in his promise  to "have Israel's back" in a most emphatic way then it will be clear from here on in that the Democrat administration will continue to double-cross and undermine Benjamin Netanyahu during one of the most critical periods in Israeli history.

Rest assured that the president will do just about everything to mollify the warlords running Egypt; a nation which in the past six months has done virtually everything to negate its peace treaty with Israel short of literally ripping up the paper on which it was written.

Bibi must be convinced by now that Israel is alone and therefore It can expect no help from Washington, nor from the American media at large and precious little from pseudo-Jewish organizations such as J Street and its leftist, anti-Zionist ilk.

Obama won; Israel lost on that political front.

Now the Jewish State must win by itself -- on the ground and in the air -- if ever it can live in peace while surrounded by hostile, Jew-hating neighbors.

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