Thursday, May 2, 2013


By Simon Fischler 

Dear Family,

This is your prodigal son writing. I am taking the time to write in the hope of making you understand your folly.

I am and will always be a left-leaning, liberal. Sadly, in these days that clashes with my love and support of Israel, that is being a Nationalist. 

One of my closest friends has told me to go on easy on the left and to understand that not all liberal lefties hate Israel.

This I know, as I am the proof of that.

On the other hand I fear today’s left, especially because of their pact with Islam. 

The world of liberals has been hijacked by fanatics who are the worst anti-Semites. 

They are a determined enemy of my nation and would deny my children a future.

These fanatics, who have stolen the left from its roots are backed by Arab oil money and live in America’s highest learning institutions.

They will not stop until they see through the full delegitimization and destruction of the Jewish State.  

The moderates on the left are too scared to stand up to these fascist, fanatics who have stolen their cause. 

So I blame them too! 

With right wing fanatics you know what you are going to get; they do not try to hide behind false liberal concepts. 

This is the true difference between today’s Far-Right and Far-Left. 

Today’s far left is just as fanatical and fascist as the far right; they have merely abandoned the traditional concept of being liberal.

Israel is a true test for the Liberal Left: one they have failed on numerous occasions. 

Israel is the nation that has provided the best home for Liberal Democracy. 

Israel is the nation that has tried on so many occasions to make peace at great costs with a fascist, anti-Semitic, enemy that has sworn to destroy her. 

From the freedoms of speech, press, equality to minorities, equality of sexes, right to vote for all citizens and equality for homosexuals, Israel is by far a more liberal and free nation than even the United States of America!

So I ask you, my dear friends on the left, how is it that you have been fooled by the made up notion that the Palestinians are a David fighting an Israeli Goliath? 

How is that you are willing to stand behind the worst perpetrators of chauvinism, racism and fascism?

You sell out all of your ideals when you demonize Israel and glorify the Palestinians.

You purposefully deny history its rightful place and spit on the bible of liberal ideals when you castigate and delegitimize Israel.

For my brethren on the left who stand by and watch silently while your leaders desecrate all that was good about being a liberal, you are just as much to blame -- just as those supposed (they do not exist) Muslim moderates are for letting the fanatics steal their religion. 

If you cannot step up and regain your movement, the left will remain no different from the far right.


Take back the reins and toss out those who seek to delegitimize, defame, demoralize and destroy Israel. 

Israel has been, and will always be, your natural ally. 


Simon Fischler

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