Wednesday, May 1, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every week -- by the week -- headlines about Middle East politics read as if they've been taken out of a contemporary version of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Really, reality takes a vacation whenever some Barack Obama stooge such as his Secretary of State John Kerry spouts cheery homilies about reviving talks between the Israelis and Arabs; conveniently using their stage name, "Palestinians."

Whatever militant Islamics want to call themselves, one -- and only one -- word is necessary to discard their aliases and costumes and that is to describe them as they are -- terrorists.

Their daily, weekly, monthly and annual behavior connotes that label whether Kerry, Obama, the European Union's anti-Semites or Erdogan's terrible Turks want it otherwise.

Mahmoud Abbas, arguably the most perfidious of all the Arab politicians, endlessly spawns terrorism while alternately making nice with his occasional arch-foes in Gaza.

How could Kerry even dream of an Israeli-Arab two-state solution when the Palestinian Authority keeps a marriage dialogue going with Hamas, the terrorist government hellbent on destroying Israel?
Surely Kerry cannot be that naive to expect Palestinians to make peace with Israel when Arab children are now being schooled in rocketry and other forms of assault against their Israeli neighbors. 

Then you have Abbas. 

Imagine the effrontery of his American supporters -- led by thrree-faced Obama -- who dare call this man a "moderate." Knowing the manner in which the White House treats militant Islam the president would describe a contemporary Tyrannosaurus Rex as a "moderate" while Rexy devoured a Brontosaurus on the Nebraska plains.

But this is no time for comedy.

Certainly not when a Yitzhar resident, Evyatar Borovsky, is murdered by an Arab (Palestinian) terrorist at Tapuach Junction. 

Certainly not when Peace-Talk-Monger Kerry patently ignores the continuous Arab terror tactics. And as Israeli history have endlessly proven, terrorism in the Territories eventually leads to terrorism in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other main population centers.

While Abbas -- following suit from his late mentor, Arafat -- stows away the billions contributed by Uncle Sam, the murderous "moderates" inspire Jew-killing wherever the Arabs can get away with their peaceful homicide.

As Evyatar Borovsky's mother so plaintively stated, "My son was killed just for being Jewish."

Meanwhile, Abbas & Company continue pulling anti-Israeli strings wherever such useless outfits such as the United Nations and the World Court will allow.

How big a joke is the World Court in The Hague when it overlooks the massacres in Syria, throughout Africa? How about the blatantly one-sided UN that allows so blatant a Jew-hater such as Richard Falk to spew his special brand of anti-Israel venom as a UN rapparteur whatever that is?

So Abbas continues to threaten Israel by taking the Middle East's only legitimate democracy to the World Court. I say that Israel should take him on with a frontal assault; no retreating, please.

What's more Israel has its own weapon in this battle. It's called Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center), led by its director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner who believes that Israel could use The Hague's World Court, better even than the Arabs as a means of obtaining justice.

"Israel could launch thousands of countersuits against the PA on behalf of terror victims," says Darshan-Leitner. "If Abbas wants to go to The Hague we will be there to meet him."

Perhaps it would be a good idea for Obama and Kerry to show up as well. It might -- just might -- awaken them to a Middle East reality that so far would be evident even to an ostrich.

Really, it comes to this;  no matter how "moderate" the Arabs may seem, their main goal -- as it has been for centuries -- is the extermination of Israel and, if possible, every Jew therein.

Evyatar Borovsky's mother would be the first to attest to that gruesome fact of life!

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