Monday, May 6, 2013


By Sig Demling

Barack Obama reminds me of a college classmate -- our only chum with a car in those dim, distant days. 

Wherever he happened to be driving, Pal Al would inevitably park his auto directly under a NO PARKING sign. 

Of course one of us sitting in the passenger seat would immediately call attention to the NO PARKING admonition. 

At that point, Pal Al would study the sign and swiftly reply to his listening audience, "But it doesn't say POSITIVELY."

While Pal Al would get a laugh out his perfect squelch, President Obama cannot be listed as a pal nor is he the least bit funny. 

Appalling? Yes.

A liar? For sure. 

Israel's deceptive enemy? It's sure looking that way; especially when you consider how he's boloxing up the Syrian situation beyond all redemption and reason.

For proof positive one only has to turn back the calendar to last December and review red line words from the White House vis-a-vis Syrian use of chemical weapons. 

The president, sounding more and more like a feeble Uncle Tom, described the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad's government as "totally unacceptable."

(I can just imagine Assad's reply: "Oh, yeah, whaddya gonna do about it?)

What does Obama do about anything threatening democracies such as Israel or his darling United States? Nothing -- with a capital N. 

Next came another baloney-filled threat from Pennsylvania Avenue about drawing a red line if "we start to see a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized."

Yesseree, Bob, that red line was crossed last week by Assad's forces and even the American intelligence confirmed same.

So, the ball was whacked into the Commander In Chief's court and, typically, he made as if there was no ball at all. 

Red line? What red line? Did I once say something about a red line? 

Astonishingly, this goofball-posing-as-a-president went back on his word. It's as if he took Pal Al's line -- "Well, I didn't say POSITIVELY." 

What this does, naturally, is encourage every militant Islamist to disparagingly snicker (in Arabic, naturally), "This phony-baloney in the White House is all talk, no action."

More remarkably, even Obama's personal propaganda sheet, The New York Times, is getting antsy about this latter-day Uncle Tom. 

The erstwhile "newspaper of record" hired Daniel Byman to comment on the president's ever-mobile red line. Professor in the security studies program at Georgetown and research director at the Brookings Institution's Center for Mideast Policy, Byman points a finger squarely at the double-crossing chief executive.

"The administration's (December) ultimatum," Byman asserts, "now seems like cheap talk. It illustrates the risks of carelessly drawing red lines and issuing highly public threats that won't be enforced."

Give Assad credit for one thing; he sees right through Obama and has called his bluff, knowing that the president is as phony as a three-dollar bill. Speaking Syrian, Bashar must be saying to himself, "That man has no guts."

All of which means that Israel has to do America's work and that means cleaning out heavy-duty weaponry delivered by Iran and earmarked for Hezbollah. You don't even have to be as dense as Obama to realize what Hezbollah will target with the sophisticated rockets.

Israel cannot mess with red lines as if they're giant rubber bands. Nobody knows that better than Brigadier General (res.) Zvi Fogel, former chief of staff of the IDF Southern Command. Writing in Israel Hayom, General Fogel lays it on the line thusly:

"It has been proven that if Israel does not implement a policy of military deterrence in the face of enemy states, no one will do it for us.

"Strikes of this kind (against Syria) prompt a degree of fear that is central to our power of deterrence."

General Fogel doesn't mean maybe either. Obama equivocates -- moving his red line around like a child in a sandbox. The Europeans twiddle their thumbs, totally fearful of militant Islam. As always, Israel must carry the torch.

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