Tuesday, May 14, 2013


By Simon Fischler

Israel has just celebrated her Sixty-fifth birthday and now the Palestinians are doing what they do best: expressing their racist hatred of Jews and the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians do this annually by taking to the streets in memory of what? The Catastrophe.

This is what the Palestinians call the Creation of the Jewish democratic state, when we freed ourselves from the oppression of colonial European and Muslim Arab hegemony.

Israeli Memorial Day centers on remembering the children of Israel who have been killed fighting in her defense.

Palestinian Memorial Day (the Nakba) is built on Palestinian Arabs anger and frustration that they were not able to destroy and annihilate the Jews when we fought for our independence.

Our FREEDOM is a TRAGEDY to the Palestinians.

In more precise words, the premise of the Nakba is nothing but racist, anti-Semitic fervor. The Palestinians have built the myth of the nation they allegedly seek on scandalous lies.

Instead of taking responsibility for rejecting the legal UN partition of the land then called the Palestine Mandate (controlled by the British Empire) into an Arab and Jewish state, the Palestinians simply blame the nation they attacked and to which they lost.

This is the root of why peace has never been achieved -- not settlements in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat writes in Haaretz that Israel has a choice between Peace or Apartheid.

Mr. Erekat apparently has forgotten his own earlier words wherein he promised the Palestinian people that not a single Jew would be allowed to live in the state of Palestine.

He also conveniently forgets to mention that any citizen living in the Palestinian Authority TODAY who sells land to a Jew can receive the death penalty.

In his arrogant tone Mr. Erekat speaks of “Palestinian reconciliation and the Arab spring,” which merely indicates that he knows how to tell a joke, albeit a sick and twisted one.

Fatah is trying to make a deal with the devil (Hamas in Gaza) and no matter how much Saeb Erekat tries to spin this for the Western world, a deal with the Devil is still a deal with the Devil.

Hamas does not and will not recognize Israel. Hamas has promised never to accept Israel or the Jewish Nation’s right to freedom in the land of their ancestors.

Israel will not, I repeat WILL NOT sign any peace deal that does not recognize Israel as the Jewish democratic state and create an end to the conflict between the two nations.

The deal that Fatah will sign with Hamas guarantees that this is impossible.

Mr. Erekat continues his venomous lies by saying that “the Palestinian Authority has been ready to negotiate with ALL Israeli governments.”

This statement points once again to the root problem of the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel: there are the facts and then there are the lies that the Palestinians build and live off of.

Seriously, how can Saeb Erekat even say something as ridiculous as this and get away with it? 

The Palestinian Authority has rejected negotiations with Israel for the three and a half years; absolutely, ABSOLUTELY refusing to negotiate with the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

They have done nothing but create excuses not to negotiate, again and again spewing preconditions for negotiations -- something that has NEVER BEEN DONE previously.

This smoke screen is nothing more than the Palestinians’ attempt to do what they have always tried to do: destroy Israel.

Sadly, the Palestinians seem incapable of realizing that as long as they see Israel as a “catastrophe” and continue to seek her destruction, their nation will fail.

It makes no difference if a dictator in Venezuela, Syria or Turkey recognizes a Palestinian State.

The Palestinians need to wake up, once and for all, to reality. 

Their threatened one-state declaration is the political equivalent of a previous obscene method of trying to destroy Israel: suicide bombings. 

Only this time they will well and truly blow themselves up.

By the time the Palestinian leaders go again to the UN to make their threatened unilateral declarations, Israel will have unilaterally annexed all the land in Judea and Samaria that it wants, -- not needs, but wants -- into its borders. 

The Palestinians will end up with far less than the 93 to 97 percent offered to them by Ehud Barak and then Ehud Olmert that they rejected.

Israel will then affectively shut the Palestinians out of her borders completely. 


Forget about demographic problem! That lie is as dead as can be, and only really exists in Ramat Aviv!

Israel will remove those it does not want inside its borders, and when Israel does this it will be far less destructive then the genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity being carried out on a daily basis by Arabs against Arabs in Syria!


It is also why Jordanian authorities are illegally stripping their Palestinian population (a majority of the population) -- of Jordanian citizenship.

Israel fights for her freedom; not to oppress.

Israel has continually shown it is ready to accept a Palestine when that people is ready to accept Israel for what she is: the Jewish nation/state.

The Palestinians fight to conquer, oppress and annihilate one entity: Israel. 

They do not fight for freedom; and never have. If they truly did, they could have had it years ago.

The Palestinians’ national and political movement is based solely on destroying Jewish freedom, self-determination and the national home of the Jews, Israel; not on creating a state of their own. 

Nakba Day is nothing more than a Palestinian expression of this racist, anti-Semitic mentality. 

We Israelis should be out in force to counter-protest this detestable day of Palestinian colonialism.


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