Friday, May 24, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
You will not find a time more acute for this American Administration to wake up and smell the battle coffee from the Middle East.
The diplomacy being conducted vis-a-vis the apartheid, Alawite regime in Syria by America, the EU and NATO is eroding an already-depleted image of the alleged free Western world.
There is talk that America would rather see Assad, a war criminal now responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 Syrians, stay in power rather than handle another Middle-Eastern war.
If this is the leadership the Western World has to offer then who would want it? 
If this is the best foreign policy the re-elected Obama administration can offer then America is lost and had better be prepared for a future where a Russia, led by a megalomaniac in Putin, dictates a colonialist foreign policy that will eventually encroach on America’s new Eastern European allies.
One argument for America not getting involved in the Syrian conflict is the ridiculous idea that Western Involvement will create an all out Middle-Eastern war. 
Someone should inform the great analysts who’ve concocted this idea (remember, these are the same experts who predicted an Assad fall in two weeks at the start of the war) that an all-out Middle Eastern war has already started! 
Hezbollah, from Lebanon, has put its full weight behind Assad at the behest of its master Iran, sending in more than half its foot soldiers to defend the Assad regime. This is along with the Republican Guard soldiers Iran had already tossed into the mix.
On the first day of the battle of al-Quasir Hezbollah suffered what would normally be insane losses (from 30 to 50 Hezbollah terrorists killed and up 70 injured), yet somehow this was barely reported. 
Russia, outwardly remaining in staunch support of Assad and tacitly in cahoots with Iran and its vassal, Hezbollah, has placed Obama and America’s allies in an unbearable position. One from which it is apparent the US has no clue as to what course to take, or even how to extract itself from the mess, let alone support it. 
It was bad enough for Putinstan (there is no point in calling it Russia anymore) to continue supplying the Assad regime with weapons as it mass murdered its people. 
Now not only is Putin supplying Syria with arms, munitions and the platforms to murder en masse as the “Free World” watches and does nothing, he is also giving Assad the diplomatic hugs and kisses that Hosni Mubarak would have kvelled to get from the American president during his last days ruling Egypt!
You can't beat that kind of friendship.
Yet, hope remains for Israel and American foreign policy in the Levant.
Even with all of the fanatical Shia support the mostly Sunny Rebels of Syria have held out and have even won the day in al-Quasir. 
Hezbollah’s position in the Middle East has taken a serious blow. The Syrian conflict has caused the terrorist group tremendous harm, both in physical deaths and diplomacy in the Arab world.
With Hezbollah terrorists occupying parts of Syria and carrying out ethnic cleansing against Sunnis, the great Sheik Nashrallah does not look so good -- nor does he look like the great defender of Arab rights.
This is good for Israel, America and most people seeking liberty in the Middle-East! 
In fact, Hezbollah and Iran have become so desperate for diplomatic and public relations breathing room, that they went to the great effort of having an ancient Israel Defense Forces jeep (obviously a relic of the Israeli Security Zone in Southern Lebanon) dragged up to al-Quasir as evidence that Israel was arming the Syrian rebellion!
This pathetic ploy convinced absolutely no one and made Hezbollah look pitiful, leaving them unable to cover up their critical losses at the hands of the Syrian Free Army.
If President Obama could realize the importance this conflict will have on the future of world history, maybe he could act decisively and engage in Syria, showing that America and the Free Western World will not be submissive to abusive, dictatorial regimes. 
There is no definite answer to whether or not American assistance would end the Syrian civil war on a stable note. War seldom has a clear answer or result, but American involvement would make those chances much higher. 
One thing is known: Time is of the essence and if a nation based on freedom and liberty stops fighting for those values, it will eventually lose them. 

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  1. Sixty per cent of American jews say they wont fight for Israel - why should white Americans fight for Israel?
    As for Syria it is the only secular country in the Arab world - because of Assad - and you want to destroy it. Not only that the US is already supporting al quaeda jihadis in Syria and they are killing Christians - and now ytour governemnt is going to ship even more weapons to them. There is no such thing as the free Western world any more - the West is controlled by jews. Why even bother with a tiny shithole like Israel when all those Israeli jews could just move back to the US - Israel is bankrupt anyway, theres no money there they basically live on handouts. Move a few of the key monuments like the temple mount over to the US and be happier! Then you can really leach off of us!