Saturday, May 25, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Very little matters -- and nothing matters very much. (Philosophic theme of a 20th Century New York reporter, Joseph C. Nicholls)

Judging by the civilized world's reaction to current events, one would gather that there's merit to the above homily. 

Consider, for starters, the line, nothing matters very much and put it in the context of home-building by Jews in Jerusalem. Why should putting up an apartment in East Jerusalem cause a furor on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Answer: Because in the Obama world, a nothing event such as erecting a house stupidly means a lot.

You would imagine -- in a sane world, that is -- when a peaceful family builds a peaceful house,  such an event should fall under the heading of "Nothing Matters."

After all, would peaceful construction result in furious international reaction if it took place in Hong Kong, Melbourne Australia or Washington, D.C.? 

The answer, of course, is that it should not mean a darn thing since in a reasonable society, home-building should never cause a fuss.


There is an exception and the asterix always falls on Jews; especially the Jews who happen to live in Judea and Samaria which for some strange, illogical reason is deemed sacred Arabic land although you and I know that's not the case.

But, just for the sake of argument, let's say that Israeli Jews are building homes on land that the Arabs eventually want to call Palestine. So, what? Why the fuss? Arabs are living all over Israel, The Jewish State, and nobody is making either a big or little stink about that. Arabs build homes in Jaffa and nobody screams bloody murder.

If Arabs can live peacefully -- we would hope -- and not be  barred from building homes in Israel, what logic would prevent Jews from doing likewise in the West Bank, whether it's ruled by Israel or -- I hope not -- Arabs?

The answer to that is that -- logically, if you'll excuse the expression -- Jews should be permitted to build anywhere, whether it's in Israel, England, France or Mauritania.

So here came Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East in yet another attempt at brokering an Israeli-Arab agreement. He talked to Benjamin Netanyahu and he talked to Mahmoud Abbas. 

Bibi made it abundantly clear -- as he's done in the past -- that he's ready, willing and able to start direct face-to-face talks with the so-called Palestinian leader right now. Or tomorrow. Or the next day or even next month.

Kerry, ever, ever, ever so-careful not to in any way shape or form annoy his Arab friends went so far to say that he endorses the Prime Minister's stance -- to a point.

"It is through direct negotiations that Israelis and Palestinians can address the permanent status issues," said Kerry.

Unfortunately, America's Secretary of State -- like his wobbly president, ever fearful of Arab backlash -- refuses to acknowledge the obvious; over and over again Abbas has refused to talk turkey with Bibi without listing pre-conditions. One of those pre-conditions is that Israel stop building homes on the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Such a stand is both un-realistic and anti-Semitic. Whether it's East,  North, South or West Jerusalem, Jews have a right  to construct homes in the same manner that Arabs have in Israel.  

Under no circumstances should construction of Jewish homes be limited anywhere on the globe. 

You have to wonder how many times Israel should be forced to participate in Uncle Sam's peace charade. Nor should Bibi be cowed by any Arab UN-directed threats. And the same goes for the inept White House where Obama's stance in support of Israel is as substantive as Kleenex. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Sarah Honig X-rayed the Obama style since his long-overdue visit to Israel and concludes that the president's visit had no impact on public opinion nor government policy. 

"Obama came, hugged Netanyahu," Honig asserts, "and showered us with love just like Bill Clinton did back in the roaring '90s. He praised us to high heaven and told us he has our back. 

"And then he told us we should force our leaders to give Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to our sworn enemies even as they teach their children to aspire to kill our children."

Surely, Kerry is sage enough to know even this basic fact; that, in the end, all the Arabs want to do is kill Jews of all ages whether it's in Beersheba or Haifa.

While the massacre in Syria now has resulted in far more than 80,000 deaths Obama pretends that it's all happening in the Land of Oz. On his priority list is -- you guessed it -- the awful issue of Jews building homes. To Obama, Iran and its ever-growing world-wide threat hardly exists.

"In Obama's world," Honig concludes, "the most pressing issue on the international agenda is apartments of Jews in Jerusalem and Efrat."

And as for the president having "Israel's back," what we've seen so far is Obama giving Israel his back-side!

It's evident that in the world of the White House, the president does things ass-ways first. And when it comes to Israel, Jews get his ass.

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