Friday, October 4, 2013


By Sig Demling

                                Never give in. Never give in. Never, never never. -- Sir Winston Churchill, Great Britain's heroic Prime Minister during World War II.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows all about Winston Churchill.

Now is the time for Bibi to act like him.

Visiting New York City on the most important mission of his political life, Israel's Prime Minister -- against all odds -- has a lot of convincing to do.

It's all about the Iranians nice-guy offensive at the United Nations and their attempt to convince the eager-to-accept world leaders that Tehran has no intention of building a nuclear arsenal.

That such an atomic threat has been well underway for years in Iran hardly matters to the appeasing Barack Obama and his fellow European Union ostriches. 

The very real Iranian threat to wipe out Israel -- clearly displayed last week during a parade of Tehran weaponry -- hardly impresses the descendants of Neville (Peace In Our Time) Chamberlain. 

Like the pre-World War II English leader groveling before Adolf Hitler at Munich, Obama and buddies will do virtually anything to make nice to the Iranians and, more importantly, at any cost to Israel.

Netanyahu knows the score. He's fully aware that no matter how convincing his UN argument that Tehran be militarily stripped of his nuclear capability, his audience will shake its collective heads and proclaim -- as was done in London and Paris after Munich -- that a new, peaceful era will blossom in Iran.

History has proven that it took the Nazi leader all of one big yawn before he annexed Czechoslovakia and another bigger yawn before he ignited the world's biggest war by invading Poland.

But the manner in which the occupant of the current White House, 10 Downing Street and the perennial losers in Paris regard the calamitous events from 1939-1945, you'd get the idea from them that Hitler's madness never happened. Ergo: nothing whatsoever has been learned from history.

One might wonder why would Obama, Inc. would not take Tehran seriously when the Iranians repeatedly orate about destroying Israel? (And bear in mind that the Middle East's only democracy never has done anything to provoke such a militant response. Nothing!)

The answer is so simple and believable that even many Jews in America and Israel -- try Simon Peres as an example -- refuse to believe it.

When all is said and done, Obama does not care what happens to Israel. 

Because of his Jew-hating upbringing and the fact that he won -- not earned, mind you -- a second term he has absolutely nothing to lose by tossing Israel to the Iranians nuclear wolves.

Which brings me right back to Netanyahu's visit. 

Publicly, the UN members -- with precious few exceptions -- will listen intently to Bibi. Many will understand his position vis-a-vis Iran but will do absolutely nothing to help Israel. Nothing. 

Netanyahu will get a sympathetic ear in Congress but it won't be sufficient to buck its president.

Guaranteed, Obama will reply to Bibi's plaints with plain assertions:

1. Don't you dare assault the iranian nuclear sites.

2. If you do attack the Iranian atomic plants, you not only do so on your own and at your own risk but Uncle Sam will condemn you to the world.

Therefore, Israel's leader must remain firm and tell the world what Winston Churchill did in 1940 when the Nazis planned to invade Great Britain; that he will resist and defend his country against all aggression no matter the cost.

Alas, the time has come for Benjamin Netanyahu to become Winston Churchill. 

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