Tuesday, October 29, 2013


By Simon Fischler

For too long the State of Israel has stood by blindly as the Muslim Arabs of Israel have intimidated and pushed out the Christian, Assyrian and Phoenician populations of the country.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Nazareth.

Once an overwhelmingly Christian city, it has now lost its Christian majority and the non-Muslim citizens of the city face daily harassment.

Today, Israel’s Christian residents are becoming closer and closer to the state. 

Currently there is even a strong movement: led by Father Gabriel Nadaf to have Israel’s Christian sons and daughters be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. 

This all makes sense: after all, they have seen the crimes being committed against their brethren in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

The state of Israel needs to do more to encourage and to protect those in the Christian community who are working to bring their constituents into the fabric of Israeli society. 

However, because of the intense persecution by Muslim Arab Israelis this will be no easy task. 

The complete and utter failure of the world media, human rights groups and churches of all denominations to work with Israel to combat this Muslim intimidation of Christians is positively criminal. 

Lack of support and protection is also a major cause for the emigration of Israel’s Christians. They are looking for greener and, certainly, safer pastures. 

This sad fact is a failure on the part of the government of Israel. 

Our Christian co-patriots are citizens of our amazing country. For the most part they accept Israel as the democratic Jewish Nation state. They love Israel because they live and breathe her potential. They love Israel for its open and democratic institutions. 

Israel must do all it can to promote and protect this ray of co-existence and patriotism. 

The Israeli foreign ministry and the Ministry of Absorption should enact a program to encourage a return to Israel of her Christian citizens. 

It is time for Israel to do what is right for her Christian citizens and we can start by protecting them and giving them back their city, Nazareth! 


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  2. It is more difficult then you can imagine an Arab going to the police will be attack by his own community. There is so much cultural intimidation it is very difficult to do anything. But Something must be done!